Mompreneur Moments: Why reinvent the menu when The Creative Mama has already done it?

I had originally intended to talk more today about my mission to get this house organized, but then, I came across this! The Ultimate Menu Planning board on Creative Mama's website! I can't take all the credit, a friend of mine pinned it on Pinterest, but I love it!  


Every week I spend time sitting down flipping through recipes, looking over the calendar, and trying to plan meals for the family that fit around all the family commitments and schedules. Now, once I build one of these boards, the menu is easy to plan with meal cards of my families favourite meals ready to go. With the ingredients and source listed on the back I can make my grocery list and find my directions with a quick glance at the back of the card. I can't wait to get started on this DIY project.




After a little more surfing I got to know a little more about the Creative Mama. What an awesome site! With topics including photography, family, taking care of you, in the kitchen, DIY, Home and Haven, and Motherhood. Hello! These are all topics that fit perfectly with me! I can tell you I will be spending alot more time on the site and I encourage you to take a look too. I'm sure this will be just one of many projects inspired by the site.


Images used with permission of the Creative Mama -