Momprenuer Moments - Completely unplugged family time

Everyday I wear so many hats…I’m a mom to a beautiful 5 year old girl, a partner to a fantastic man, a business owner (and therefore marketer, accountant, secretary and more), a photographer, an employee (part-time lab tech for Black’s Photography), a housekeeper, a chauffer, a cook, and more!  

I love all of the different hats I have the privilege of wearing in a given day and do my best to balance them. Late in 2011 I noticed that my priorities were getting a bit skewed! I was working full time hours at my part time job, while trying to still fit in full time hours with my family, and full time hours in my business. How was I doing this? By overlapping things of course! Suddenly family time wasn’t just family time…it was also social media, blogging, cleaning, cooking, and napping on the coach time. I rarely do one thing at a time to begin with but now all of a sudden my days were so full I wasn’t really getting anything on my list done. As this situation came to a peak over Christmas I came to a simple conclusion…I can’t do this anymore! All I’m doing is running around and nothing is actually getting accomplished.


I’ve realized the solution was here all along…see if this scenario seems familiar to you…

You’re trying to work with your kids at home but you feel like you’re getting no where – they want snacks, toys they can’t reach, and your attention. You’re distracted and all you really want to do is play with the kids. You decide to take a break to play! Awesome right? But the moment you sit down with them clients start calling or emailing, your phone is going crazy with tweets and facebook notifications…your other child, your business, is calling you back. What do you do? When you’re working your family’s calling you, when your being mom your business needs you back.


I finally came to the most simple, logical conclusion…my family needs me and I’m not willing to sacrifice my role as mom so every week there needs to be times that are purely family times. Times when I turn off my phone, unplug my phone, and hang up all the hats except mom and partner. For those few mins or hours, that’s all I am…a mom and partner. The rest of the world will be there when I get back but these moments are to precious to sacrifice!


I started implementing this last week and a funny thing happened…once those family times were all about family again, I felt more focused, energized and generally happier. It brought back some of the balance! Now that my family knows that there will be regular family time, the few occasions where I do need to work while they’re home, I’m able to focus because they know I’m making time for them!