MTV Movie Award Fridays: Bio Card Crunch Time!

Okay so my goal was to have the Bio cards written and designed by this weekend. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the written part done yet but the design I'm ready to share! It's gone through a few different versions along the way.  

I started out with the idea that I wanted a card with some shape to it not just square so, I found avendor who offered a variety of different shapes and sizes and picked out a shape that worked for me.


I then had to start the debate of what size it should be. For this event I'm restricted to the 5"x7"dimensions of the packaging so I considering the information I wanted to share, it only seemed logical to go full size.


I knew I wanted my logo and contact info on one side with the biography on the other but the design was still up in the air. I decided to start with something a little more bold in colour.

Version 1




After I had tweaked it a bit I lived with it for a few days. I still wasn't sure it was for me so Idecided to try a more simple, clean, elegant version. This white version seemed to be a favorite for everyone who stopped by the facebook page.

Version 2



While I was much happier with this white version overall, I did feel as though it was lacking something. As I played with it and discussed options with other artistic friends, we quickly figured out that the pop of colour was the number one thing that was missing. When I started to add in some red as an accent it went through a few more versions.

Version 3



Version 4

Version 5

Version 6

And at the end of the day, I had to pick a winner, and I'm happy to say I picked version 6. I liked the bold colour and deeper red combination while keeping the bulk of the card simple and classic




What do you think? Which one design do you like best?