MTV Movie Award Fridays: Product Decisions

I can't believe we are over a week into March already! Where has this year gone? As time has gone flying by I have been playing!  


Along with trips to the Butterfly Conservatory and helping my other half hunt for his old film cameras to add to the collection I have been busy working on many different ideas for the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifting Lounge and Swag Bags.



The biggest challenge by far has been the size requirements. As much as I would love to gift a special edition print (or some simular item) the 5"x7" size restrictions made me really think about creating an item that would show off my work, fit in the package, and be useful to the recipient in some way.



I considered options for a small print or mini gallery wrap but the more I looked at this option, the more I began to doubt the idea. Most celebs already have decorated homes and if they don't a 5"X7" print or wrap wasn't as likely to end up on the walls of their homes as a larger piece. This sent me back to the drawing board again.



After a lot of thought I realized that this was the time to launch a new product line for people who, like these celebs, have their home and aren't necessarily looking for new decor items but for a more practical items they can use and still admire my work. Enter the fine art stationary!



I am excited to announce the creation of a line of fine art note cards featuring my fine art images on the front of a 4inch by 5inch folded note card. At the moment I plan on introducing a line of 5 different card sets each including 3 each of 4 different images to make a complete set of 12 cards with envelopes.



The cards have been designed and the test printing is set to begin this weekend! Watch for next weeks MTV Movie Award Fridays post to see the new designs and sets I've been busy creating!