MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifting - Designing the Info Materials

So as exciting as designing the gift itself is, a lot of thought has to go into the materials that go with the gift such as the packaging, tags, biography card, and gift certificate. If my gift is a success these materials will be the key to getting the celebs to reach out to me to get more products, and learn more about my company.These items could open new doors for me or allow me to blend into a sea of companies who send gifts to these celebrities hoping for some kind of recognition or response.  

In the case of the MTV Movie Awards I also have physical size restrictions to concern myself with - for the approximately 40 artisans participating these limitations are nessicary in order for all the gifts to fit inside the gift bags. We are asked to keep items to 5"x7" when packed and as flat as possible. Between being transported from the artist to the individuals who will represent us at the event, packing the packs, transporting them to the venue, distributing the bags, and the celebs transporting them home - the packaging must be beautiful but durable. These are all considerations to take along the way.


This has been an ongoing process for me and I'm beginning to narrow down the options. I have begun sketching out ideas for the design of the tags, gift certificates, bio cards and packaging already. I look forward to sharing my inspirations, sketches, and designs as they are created. With fifteen weeks til the event and only 11 until the items must be shipped out, I have my work cut out for me to design, create, and assemble these gifts and supporting materials.