MTV Movie Awards: Designing the display

When you picture a celebrity gifting suites how do you see Notecards displayed? This was the nagging question for me since the first day I figured out what I would be gifting. When I get stumped on a decision I have one of two major approaches - either creating pro/con lists or creating a list of goals and brainstorming from there. With this it definately started from some basic goals.  

What were my overall goals for participating at this event?

1) Catch the eye of visiting Celebs

2)Get great photos of celebrities holding my display

3)Create excitement about my product both on location at the event and online

4)Give an opportunity to test drive a new product

5)Create contacts in high places to build relationships with 6)Celebs, Media, & Celeb reps.


Part way through the creative process I realized that this event wasn't the only big thing happening but there had been a change in my business and the way I see my position within it. Based on this I decided it was time for a rebrand (more on this coming in another post soon I promise). Where better to start for a display than to incorporate my new company colours? I decided to work on a painted backdrop in my new company colours.

I finished the display with two cards mounted on the board and two tucked into the enevlopes fixed to the backdrop. I loved the colours and the texture but something was still missing.


So I went back to the drawing board - I needed something that felt more luxurious, would stand out, and would make the celebs want to reach out and touch it. The first thing that came to mind? Rich purple satin!


Then hmm, where to go from here - I would need a frame



Some cotton batting for depth


Contrasting ribbon for punch


And a way to affix the cards but something that would allow the cards to come off if someone wants to hold just one card.


When all this came together, something a little more fabulous arose!


I still loved the backdrop I created for the original display so I used the photo of the backdrop to create a marketing image with the photos in the sample pack, and the packaging design.


What's the first thing that comes to mind for you when looking at the display? Can't wait to hear!