MTV Movie Awards: Final Product

After hours of design, printing, and trimming the final product is finally ready!  

The tough choices are behind me now. It seems like it was just yesterday I was trying to figure out "what am I going to gift?", "what images will I use?", and "how can I make an impact in a practical way?". Many steps later we're ready to launch!


I'm so excited to get the cards completed and see them all come together. I'm excited to share the final images with you!





Once I had decided on the cards and designed the five sets of notecards I had to choose images I thought that the recipients would gravitate towards. These gifts will go to a variety of ages and both males and females so in the end I chose one image each from the Paths of Purpose (landscapes), Intimate Perspectives (close-ups), Petal Essence (floral), and Poised Perfection (resting butterflies) sets to give the overall image of what I have to offer.

Which is your favorite image?