MTV Movie Awards Friday: Narrowing the options

A few weeks back I shared my tangled web of options for the Celebrity Gifting Suite and Swag Bags at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. I have been lost in ideas - what do I want to gift? how will it be produced? what images will I use? how many will I gift each celebrity? how will I display it? how will I package? how will I encourage them to contact me? ...  

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is! I began narrowing options down by reminding myself of a few things.


1) It's going to have to fit in a bag with up to 39 other gifts

2) It has to be shipped to the Artisan Group's base in California, and then transported to the gifting suite

3) I have to produce at least 100 of them over the next 2 months to have them ready to ship sometime in May.

4) I have to purchase all the materials to create them!


Based on these factors I narrowed the ideas down to (in no particular order):

- 5"x7" Greeting Cards including my images as cover designs

- 4"x5" Note Cards with my images on the cover - blank inside for notes

- 5"x7" Fine art postcards which can be mailed or framed as a collection

- 5"x7" Mini Gallery Wrap


I loved the idea of stone coasters which another creative mompreneur had suggested but when I started looking into the process of creating them it became a long, expensive process that I didn't feel I could undertake in the time allowed (but this idea is being considered for a new line of products in the future for sure!)


Over the next few weeks I will have to really hone in on the best gift option as well as the details of quantities, packaging, and other materials to enclose to ensure the best possible result. I will also have to come up with a materials list to get orders placed and gear up for production!


This week my goals are to start sketching out possibilities, summarize my bio & company profile to fit on a postcard size piece, look into different packaging options, and create new tags to show off my company logo.


Keep checking in for updates on the product creation process!