MTV Movie Awards: Printing fun!

So this week I have taken the time to format and print out a test batch of the new note cards I will be gifting the celebs at the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifting Lounge and Swag bags as well as offering them for sale on my website.  

While the final cards will be printed on a beautiful fine art paper - this test batch has been printed on my standard lustre photo paper. I wanted to get any idea of the size, colours and natural groupings which occur within my photography.


I have to say I love the results and am excited to be preparing to launch this new line of products. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!



In the end I had to begin figuring out the groupings for the sets. I knew I wanted to have 4-5 sets of note cards available of with 3 each of 4 designs in each pack.


In the end it really came down to colours, composition, subject, and orientation of the image (landscape or portrait). I'm thrilled to present to you quick snapshots of the 5 packages...


1. Close Ups


2. Landscape & Architecture


3. Flowers


4. Butterflies 1


5. Butterflies 2


I can't wait to hear what you think of the images and packs I have chosen. Which one is your favourite?