My Top Photography gift picks for Christmas

With Christmas Day quickly approaching I wanted to share a few of my favourite photography related products in my bag and what I use them for. Nikon 50mm F1.4 Lens – this was my second lens and still one of my favourites! I Love the low light abilities for weddings, the natural perspective it provides, the speed (especially with kids) and the variety of effects I can create with such a wide range of apertures and therefore depth of field and bohket (sp?)

Nikon Micro 105 F2.8 – This is one of my most recent purchases and I love it. Do I do a tone of Macro work? No. Do I find a ton of uses for this lens? Yes! It’s a flattering length for portraits (nice compression), it’s got great edge to edge sharpness, and in tight spaces (such as the bridal suite) I can stay back and get the portraits or step right up and get the details of the gown without switching lenses.

Black Rapid DR-1 Double strap – I love this double strap for the ability to use a single strap or the two together to always have a camera or two available and ready for quick use. Again this is convenient for wedding shooting where I have to switch quickly between a wider 24-70mm lens for the whole scene to my 70-200mm to get in close and the groom slips the ring on to his bride’s finger. It’s comfortable, convenient and durable.