New projects on the Horizon - The War of 1812

Wow, I can't believe we are almost halfway through the month of September already! With children heading back to school, students have boosted the population of my home town significantly and my schedule has been consistantly full with booking and new projects in planning stages, I'm surprised I find the time to sleep. I hope your month has been treating you at least as well. I'm very excited to share with you my latest project! Over the next year, along with local artist Stephen Arthurs, we will be working to put together an collection of works commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812. I am excited to participate in this project having grown up in the Niagara region surrounded by the battlefields and memorials from this period. When I was young Brock's Monument and The Battlefield house in Stoney Creek were just places we went, and re-enactments at the Forts just a form of entertainment. As I have grown older I learnt the significance of these places and events. Now as an adult and a mother I take pride in attending these events along with my family and participating. Through my most recent experiences I have learnt a great deal more about the events of the War of 1812 but also about the people who re-enact either part time or full time to keep the heritage alive. I fear these people are seen as 'strange' by many but these people spend their time, money and energy keeping alive a time gone by and breathing life into our history. It will be my honour to attend such wonderful events, get to know the people and capture not only the history but also the faces of these people who keep our history alive.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the re-enactment at the Backus Heritage Conservation in Port Rowan, Ontario. It was a fantastic weekend and I look forward to sharing some of my images from the weekend soon.

Next up: The re-enactment at Fanshawe Pioneer Village October 1st & 2nd. I hope to see you there...but don't look for my in my usual uniform as my daughter and I have been fortunate enough to have period gowns made for us by Linda's Early for photos of us in our new outfits in early October!