Style Me Monday: Does your space reflect you?

Does your space showcase your style or is it purely functional?
Today I'm turning my style on my space. Looking at my studio space I realized something...there's a major disconnect between my style and personality...and the way I've set up my space. This is where my journey began...
My goal is to reflect my personality and style, so first I had to figure that out...What is my style? How do you describe my personality? How do I want clients to feel in the space?
Examining this I came up with this list of words/descriptions:
  • Young (but not childish)
  • Fun
  • Elegant
  • Classic
  • Energetic
  • Warm/Comfortable/Welcoming
  • Stunning Details
  • Luxurious
  • Open
  • Bright/Light


I began to look at my space and GAH! this was completely not the way my current space reflects. Right now it comes across more dark, basic, and a little disorganized.

Before I can move forward I need to come up with my vision and budget to revamp the studio space so I jumped over to Polyvore and created the type of look I'd love to achieve.

What do you think? Did I hit the mark?
This set up brings in the warmth and comfort in the the large comfy chairs and pile of pillows on the couch. The young, fun, colourful, & bright came in the choice of colours in the couch, the rug, and the choice of artwork on the wall. The elegance, beauty, and details are the beautiful lights.
This is the look that I'm keeping in mind as I work to create the studio space of my dreams!