Photo Show Craziness!

Okay so today is supposed to be guest Wednesday but I have taken over in order to provide you with some information. This weekend My 13-15th is the Photographic, Video, and Digital Imaging Show in Toronto sponsored by Henry's Camera! (Check out all the details at ) This show is like the outlet mall shopping experience for Photographers! Every brand you can think of comes out with all their best products so you can see, touch, feel, and test the products before you buy. Every booth has reps not from Henry's but from the actual companies their to answer any and all of your questions! On top of all of this, Henry's has different Presentation Areas and an on-site computer lab set up with 45min seminars going all day long! The learning, and shopping possibilities are nearly endless! I'm totally excited for this weekend. It's always a little overwhelming but the learning is huge! I hope to see you there and look for news of whats happening coming next week!