Portrait Tips

It seems that alot of people still have questions about how to get the best impact out of their portrait sessions so here are a few basic tips to help you along the way. Q. What should we wear?

A. Make sure its something that is comfortable and natural for you! We've all seen those photos of people who look to be starched into their outfits and let's face it, they're not attractive photos. Unless the article of clothing is important to the photograph in some way ditch it for something more comfortable.

The other key thing to remember is to take a look at the clothing. Solids are usually better then patterns, logos, and lettering. These distract the viewers eye away from you where as solid colours allow the eye to naturally focus on the subjects face. When choosing an outfit it is important to consider the type of portrait you are creating and how it will be used. For example, a family portrait is often best with everyone in the same lighter colour which keeps a lighter feel to the image. On the other hand a headshot or portrait for a shakspearean actor might be a better situation for a black background and dark clothing to create a more dramatic image highlighting only the head and face.

Q. We would like to take our portraits outside. When is the best time of day?

A. The best time of day is often the golden hours during or immediately surrounding sunrise and sunset. At these times of day the light is less harsh and creates a beautiful glow on subjects. That being said, it's not always the most convenient time of day. In the summer the sunrises so early and sets so late that it is often impractical for clients to meet us at those times. Any time of day can be a good time of day if it is convenient for you and you have a good photographer. In today’s markets there are many light modifying tools available to create the light you want (and keep that bright sunlight out of the subject’s eyes at the same time). Take the time to talk to your photographer before hand about what they plan to do to accommodate different weather and lighting conditions you may encounter.