Rebranding - Welcoming The Colour!

Time for a change. After a year pursuing my business full-time I've found many things that work and that I love. On the other hand, I have found many areas where I can improve. One of these areas is in the appearance and branding of my business.

I want to make sure that the experience future, current, and past clients have when interacting with my branding in areas such as printed materials (business cards, postcards, posters, letterhead, etc.) and website is consistent to the kind of interaction experience they have whenever they interact with me personally. When I began to really examine what I wanted to provide to my clients and friends, I realized that my old website, and branding while effective to get the word out in the beginning, was in need of an overhaul.

Looking over the old deign - clean and classic as it was - it was kinda boring. I'm not exactly a boring person. I'm energetic, caring, and a bit quirky but none of that was reflected in my old card or on my website. The first thing that came to mind was colour! I had always loved to be surrounded by colour, but in recent times there has been less and less colour around me in both my home and my wardrobe. It's time to bring it back!

Along with my new website (which was launched June 1st), new cards, facebook timeline covers, and more have been created (way too much fun). From the time the new website went live, I've gradually been rolling out more and more of the new branding and am excited to share a few new pieces with you today!

New business cards:

BlogHer 12 Sponsor Cards:


I can't wait to hear your thoughts!