Recap - Fabulous Friday at BlogHer12

Official Day One of the BlogHer12 conference kicked off with a delicious Newbie breakfast and Welcome. Both gave great information about the happenings at the conference and how to get the most out of it but I admit, I was anxious to just dive right in. My goal that day was to hit as many sessions as possible, attend the private parties I had been invited to, get to the second expo hall that I couldn't the night before, and make it to Sparklecorn. Did I succeed? Well not with all of it... I did however... - Attend a session about working with the media which gave me some great ideas on reaching out to my local media - Make it through the entire lower expo hall where I had a chance to meet lots of great sponsors - Attend all the private events I was invited to including the Microsoft Style Luncheon and Live Spreecast with Celebrity Stylist Jeannie Mai, the RoomKey party at the Rooftop Ava Lounge, The Naughty Monkey Party (shoes people, pretty pretty shoes), and the Harley Davidson event at Whiskey Park (Yes I was drooling!) - Walk through part of NYC on my own and not get lost - Make it to some of the Sponsor lounges up on the 42nd floor which resulted in Alyssa getting her first Hot Wheels Car and me hanging out talking chocolate with a Rep. in the Hersheys S'mores Lounge - Create my own dish at the Hillshire Farms booth (totally delish!) while chatting up some fellow Canadians

It was a fantastic day overall even if I didn't accomplish everything I had hoped to that day I was still running around like a chicken with my head cut off (or so it felt).

To slow down for a moment, I have to talk about one of my highlights of the day which was definitely the Windows Style Luncheon. We got to visit Microsoft's NYC office, have an awesome lunch, win great products and prizes (not me personally but oh well), and listen to Jeannie Mai as she dished out great style advice on the spreecast (missed it? You can still check it out at I was fortunate enough to even get to ask a style question of my own and get advice from Jeannie Mai live in person in front of everyone in the room and online. Talk about nerve racking! It was a fantastic experience and I was so excited that my walking buddy was actually one of the five lucky winners of the Windows Style Makeover Experience I blogged about a few weeks ago. Everybody was super sweet and Kristina Libby even helped me get some new shoes that wouldn't tear my feet off!

Check out some of the photos below to see just what a great time we had!

Connect with Jeannie Mari too (she's super friendly) on her Website, Facebook, or Twitter!