Renovation & Renewal in 2013

It's a new year, and at the beginning of the year I knew this was going to be a year of change. One of the biggest things I wanted to change was my body. No this isn't about poor me I'm fat. This is about the way I feel (though losing weight always feels good too).  

Looking back just a few years ago, I felt different. I woke up energized and ready for the day. I felt optimistic, strong, healthy. I drove my friends and co-workers crazy (in the best sort of way) with my tireless energy and optimism. I slept soundly every night.


Now, a few short years later...I have trouble getting out of bed. I feel slugish all day long. I lack the energy and enthusiasm most days that was a cornerstone of who I was. I suffer from frequent headaches and an additional 20 some odd pounds of laziness and junk food around my midsection. I sleep poorly at night.


As I type this I am reminded of just how much of a difference there is. Many things have happened during these years. I met and fell in love with an amazing man who has supported me and my beautiful daughter. I bought my own house, and then sold it to share a home with my boyfriend as a family. I began my own business. So many wonderful things.


However, there is always the downs business did not thrive as quickly as I had hoped. My spouse received a layoff notice. I started part-time work on the side. I stopped working out. I stopped my healthier eating habits. I was hit with health issues. Stress became an even more significant part of both mine and my families daily life.


There are some things I cannot change, but there are many things I can.


This year it's time for renovation and renewal of so many areas of my life including my health (healthy eating & fitness), my business (new focused direction & renewed passion), my home (my sanctuary of family), and my relationships (with my daughter, my spouse, and myself).


Join me as I share my journey in all these areas with both my triumphs and my failures and the realizations I know will come along the way.

Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography







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