Renovation & Renewal: Month Two - Relationships

Good Morning! Last Month I shared the realizations I had come to in regards to my relationships especially with the two most important people in my life my boyfriend and my daughter.

Around the same time as that post, I had the pleasure of taking a trip for a long weekend with my other half upon his return from 6 weeks away. It was amazing! The laptops stayed off, the phones were away, and we reconnected. We talked, we laughed, we learned (museums & galleries), we ate, we walked, and we loved. It was just what we needed. It's been a long time since I felt so close and connected to him. Amazing!

This month I'm looking forward to connecting as a family. With our hectic schedules, shift work, and commitments we often spend any family time we do have in front of the TV. This month however, we are off to warmer weather to celebrate my daughters birthday with Family Fun!

There will be a one week vacation on the blog but I will be back after easter with stories and inspiration to share!

Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography