Sneak Peak: Cris & Jess

Over the weekend of June 7th to June 10th I had the immense pleasure of traveling to the Buffalo, NY area to take part in the festivities of this amazing couple. This wasn't a typical wedding for me, having known the groom since childhood, so I was welcomed with open arms by the families of the bride and groom and that's when I knew this wasn't just a job, this was going to be a fantastic weekend with friends.

The weekend started with the rehearsal at the lovely Glen Oaks Golf in East Amherst, NY followed by dinner at a local restaurant. As much as I love a great rehearsal, the dinner was my highlight that day. Pizza and wings with the wedding party and families at the couples favorite restaurant. I got to chat with some of the wedding party and hear some of their stories as well as the stories of the bride and groom.

The next day i had the opportunity to meet with the bride and groom for a casual photo shoot and meeting in the park before heading down to Lewiston for diner at the Silo and a trip to Niagara Falls to wander the falls area with the Bride's family.

Saturday was of course the most exciting's that butterfly in the stomach, excited energy of the Wedding day. I was at the hotel just before 11am to hang out with the bridesmaids and bride as they prepared for the big day ahead.

We set aside a few minutes before the ceremony began for some wedding party photos and for the bride and groom to see each other.

When the ceremony began, I even got a little emotional as I watched Jess and her dad make their way up to meet Cris at the gazebo. A beautiful couple, with so much love for each other.

A few more portraits and then t was time for the reception.

The reception had all the perfect elements: great food,good company, music, dancing and good times had by all.

We even found a moment to sneak out for one of my favorite images of the day.

Congratulations to Cris & Jessica on a beautiful day and a strong marriage that I know will continue to grow your love for each other.