Sneak Peek: Sam & Missy's Intimate Wedding at the Windermere Manor

The day started with a shower, but as the time for the wedding approached, the clouds parted and the sunshine flooded the beautiful Windermere Manor for Sam and Missy's intimate wedding. These two had planned from a distance for the kind of affair that is beautiful, meaningful and a ton of fun. My previous meetings had told me all I needed to know - these two smiled and laughed together, shared the same (slightly geeky) interests, and even got my sense of humour too! I knew the few hours I would have with these two would be memorable.

Sometimes it's really the little things that make a moment special - the bride wearing her grandmother's wedding band as she walks down the aisle, the look on the grooms face as his bride walks towards him, or the silly moments of the groom wearing the bride's veil as the slip away for some portraits - but these two knew how to enjoy each other and their special days.

I wish you two all the best as you build your life together in a new city, for this new chapter of your life as husband and wife.

Congratulations Sam & Missy!

And now a sneak peek of their beautiful day!