Something to look forward to in May

So I have taken some time away from the blog to get the social media going and come up with a real plan for this blog. When I took the time to look through the blogs I love to read I noticed a few key things...1)there is predictability to the entries (ex. Weds is always a guest blog on Scott Kelby's blog), 2) there is a flow to the way its written more like having a conversation then reading a textbook, and 3) the info and tips are easy to understand and apply right off the bat. These are my goals for the future of my blog here at Rebecca Nash Photography. Starting in May we are looking at: Monday - Book of the Week!

Tuesday - Photo Tip of the Week

Wednesday - Guest Blogger

Thursday - Link of the Week

Friday - Photo of the week/Photo Project of the week

There will always be new info on the site and random blog entries to show more of whats happening on a day to day or week to week basis. If you have a topic you want to see always feel free to let me know!