Sponsored posts and Disclosure

As you may have noticed the blog now features reviews and postings with referrals and recommendations of products and services I love. With blogs these days we all know some people are being compensated for these reviews while others just do it because they truely love the product. I felt this was the best time to make a few things clear about my blog and reviews. 1. Yes, this blog is PR friendly and open to sponsored postings and reviews. Compensation may come in many forms including free product, financial compensation, sponsorship to conferences, or trade for exposure/promotion on their business site

2. Although the blog is open to sponsored postings all opinions, writing, and editing on this site is mine and mine alone - I will not post reviews which promote products that I do not personally believe in. If I recieve a product and have a negative experience with it I will give the company the opportunity to help rectify the issue or have the review not posted.

3. I will not promote items that do not relate to me, and my business here at Rebecca Nash Photography. I will only promote items which seem relavant to me and to my audience in the areas of arts, photography, entrepreneurship, and motherhood. I have many other interests and would love to recieve these products but unless it makes sense to me for my audience, it will not be appearing here.

4. and most important to me....ALL sponsored posts will be clearly identified at the end of the post with information on who sponsered the post and what kind of compensation was recieved and will look something like this:

*This post was sponsered by ABC Company. I recieved product/finiancial compensation/promotion from them to facilitate this posting. All opinions, writing, and editing are my own. Please contact me at rebecca@rebeccanashphotography.com with any questions or concerns*

Transparency is important to me and I feel it is only fair that when you read one of my reviews you know all the information.