Style Me Mondays - Inspiration & Resources

Today's post will be brief as I begin to plan the following posts on this Holiday. Last week I began to describe what the new Style Me Mondays posts would include. I also spoke on some of my sources of inspiration. This week I would like to look at a few specific example of people who inspire my style and a few of my favourite resources of late. Catharine, Duchess of Cambridge

She embodies all the classic elegance we have come to expect from the Royal Family of England. Catharine, however, has taken this standard of classic elegance, grace, and proper attire and added her own youthful, flirty, fun style to these traditionally boring attires. She sets an example that many young women as students, professionals, mothers and all the women of this generation.

Lauren Conrad

Well known as a fashion and style icon, Lauren is now a designer too. I follow her blog and admire not only her style but the way she presents herself, her brand, her style, her sense of home decor, and her take on DIY projects. She uses more whimsy in her style but also classic shapes which enhance the figure. The combinations of flowy and fitted, balanced with the perfect amount of accessories.

Great Online Resources:

TLC's "What Not to Wear" Website -

I Heart Jeannie Mai - - (the website is fabulous but the social media team is even better)

Lauren Conrad -