Sunset Shooting

Hello friends! Tonight I left home on a mission to pick up speakers and a new album for the studio partly because I need them and partly to reward myself for finally finishing the cleanup in the studio and meeting space (office is still in progress). Anyways, on the way out the door I saw my camera sitting on the table and decided to bring it along.

I'm so glad I did! I decided after doing my shopping to head out to a friends place just outside the city to see what kind of sunset and silhouette images I could create. I was hoping for some dramatic sunset! However, as the sun began to set, the wind picked up and the few clouds we had for the light to bounce off of blew away. Now the average person may think it would be a good thing for a clear sky but as a photographer you automatically lose some of the depth and personality (for lack of a better word) in the sky. I decided to shoot anyways to see what I could come up with to possibly return and shoot another night. I just arrived home and actually found two images that I'm enjoying right now.

The first image was while I was waiting for the sun to set and just looking at the old style wooden fence out front which shows some cool texture!

This shot was at the end of the shoot when I thought I was done and leaving but stopped when I saw this tree and snapped off a few shots