A New Space, A New Chapter

It's been a few months since we moved out of the Photographer's Studio and things have been a bit quiet around here. First it was back to school, and now it's been all about getting in and getting the new space ready. 

We've spent the last few weeks patching, prepping and painting the walls, replacing trim, picking out furniture, moving in and more but it's almost done!


Today I'm thrilled to invite each and every one of you to join us in studio on Saturday November 25th from 4:00pm - 9:00pm to check out the new space, catch up on what's new, and celebrate the start of a new chapter in our journey.



I can't wait to see you there! 

Hop over to the facebook event to RSVP or email me at info@rebeccanashphotography.com

Can't make it? Make sure you check out the Event Page too, I'll be sharing photos and live videos from the event.

Join Us - Celebration of Beauty

Join us in the studio on Friday February 17th 2017 from   

This past week I have had the pleasure of being interviewed on Daytime London on Rogers TV and been able to share a bit of who I am on The Gem too. 

It's been amazing and the response to the new Contemporary Elegance Portraits has really touched my heart. Sharing my own story and something so close to my heart is always a little nerve wracking. 

Thank you for being such an open loving community. I'm forever grateful and I hope to get to express it to each of you this Friday night.


Find all the details on the Facebook Event for A Celebration of Beauty - Yours!


Shoot For the Moon - #motivationmonday for the Planners

For all the Planners out there - I'm with you!


Many people spend time in Decemmber planning out their 2017. You are setting goals. You are planning out your calendar. You are figuring out what you can do to achieve those goals. You are reflecting on what was good in 2016 (so you can have more of this) and what wasn't so good in 2016 (so you can avoid more of it if possible).


As you set those goals and plan for a fabulous year, I challenge you to do one thing.


Think bigger!


Whether it's for one goal or for all of them...'Shoot for the Moon, Even if you Miss You will Land Among The Stars' We both know we can't always achieve every goal, but, if you make your goals bigger and better - even if you don't make it, how much closer will you be than if you keep your goals only as big as what you think you can achieve?


Believe in yourself and dream big my friend!

Happy New Year!

It's time to turn over a new leaf...

As 2015 becomes 2016, I want to take a few minute to reflect on the year and express gratitude for all the wonderful things that have happened. (Sure, it's been a bit of a roller coaster but I choose to focus on all the positives)

I am grateful for...

  • an amazing husband & daughter (who may only sorta understand what I'm talking about but nod along anyways)
  • new friends near and far (clients, colleagues, fellow conference attendees, mentors and more...) I love you all!
  • the health of my friends and family
  • the amazing memories I have created this year with amazing couples
  • the opportunity to work with so many seriously fabulous wedding professionals (major shout outs to my fellow London Wedding Professionals - you guys rock!) 
  • new learning (from reading, fellow wedding pros, online courses like CreativeLive & the School of Photography, and a chance to change my whole perspective at Shutterfest)
  • another step towards being the person I want to be and the kind of business I want to have (its all about being the best me so I can offer my very best to all of you!) 
  • new slippers and warm cups of hot chocolate shared with friends or sipped quietly as the night winds down
  • an energetic little puppy named Kowa (the only one in this house who doesn't look at me like I'm nuts when I get up at 5am to work)
  • the amazing support from friends, family, colleagues and more (thank you for believing in me)
  • ...and so much more!

Last but definitely not least, of course, I'm thankful for YOU! Thanks for being here and joining me on this amazing, exciting, crazy journey!

Here's to an amazing new year together and all the possibilities open before us!

Yours Enthusiastically,

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