Products - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

Products - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

Do your love a wedding album that uses your photographers to tell the love story?

Do you have a space on your wall just waiting for the perfect image?

Let’s chat about a few of the options for amazing digital and physical products your photographer might offer for your wedding photographs

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Why you need a Wedding Album

Anyone who has met me at a bridal show, a consultation, or anywhere that we were discussing wedding photography can tell you that your wedding album is important to me. Today I wanted to dive into a little bit about why I think a wedding album is such an important item for each and every client I work with.


Here are a few of the top reasons why I think every wedding deserves a wedding album:

  1. Your wedding album becomes your first family heirloom
  2. Your wedding day is full of the stories and the details that represent your personality, your history, and your love. This story is best told with a collection of images in an album
  3. If you have chosen your wedding photographer well, you are likely to fall in love with many more photographs from your wedding day then fit easily on your walls. An album is a great compliment to the wall art you choose.
  4. Every couple, and I do mean every couple, should walk away from their wedding photography experience with something in their hands that they are excited to share with the people who shared the day with them and those who couldn't be there
  5. It's amazing to look through for years to come with your spouse, friends, and family members and hear their memories of the moments captured as well as their favourite stories from your day


This is a topic that I'm so passionate about that I could probably sit here and write all day!


Brides, Why are you most looking forward to getting your wedding album?

Already married? What's your favourite part of your album?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below


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