BlogHer12 Recap: Blographer & Evening at the Expo

This event is brand new! I had the pleasure of attending the first of what may become an annual event, Blographer hosted by Adorama. If you haven't heard about this event you're probably asking yourself...what is blographer? Well let me fill you in. Blographer is a day of learning about talking the photographs in your blog posts to the next level. While I know many of the bloggers found the day very informative, I found that I was clearly not the target audience (being a photographer first and blogger second) but I still had a blast. (For even more info head over to the Blographer Page)



I met a few others from BlogHer12 who were also attending Blographer to travel with, hang out with, and share my first NYC Subway trip with. Just before the day wrapped up we were able to get a quick photo snapped in front of the sponsor backdrop at the event.

After the day wrapped up it was time to prepare myself to head off to California Dreams and Evening at the Expo. California dreams was exciting though a little nerve wracking as it was my first private party but one of the hosts, the awesome Kitty Bradshaw, had personally invited me and been so super supportive that I knew it would be great! I also had the opportunity to hook up with Liz from Yes/No Films to attend. I had a great time and somehow even ended up in the photo album. Favourite moment for me...when someone asked if I had brought the cotton candy as a prop because it matched my purse so well.










I had no idea what to expect from the expo or the interactions with the brands but I was excited to check it out. First stop, the Pfizer pampering station. They had been kind enough to reach out and offer me the chance to stop by for a pampering service. I ended up being spoiled with a neck and shoulder massage, and a lip scrub and treatment by two lovely ladies while I was there. Now I was in the mood to mingle!

By the end of the night I had overflowing bags of information, samples and gifts. Better yet, I had the opportunity to meet in person some of the great sponsor representatives that I had been speaking to online for some time. My favourite was definitely the ladies from These ladies were so warm with everyone but when they recognized me I was greated as an old friend with cheers, hugs, and great enthusiasm. I admit - they made me feel amazing and gave me the confidence/energy boost I needed to make the most of the conference. I will definately be keeping in touch with these fabulous and stylish ladies, and if I'm really lucky maybe I'll have the opportunity to work with them as a brand ambassador! (crossing everything crossable)

One of the greatest things I got out of the day actually didn't come until that night as I returned from Evening at the Expo when I found speaker, blogger, photographer, and #mombizmonday twitter chat participant Amanda King Padgett sitting just outside the elevator. I overcame my usual response to just keep walking and went over to say hello and introduce myself. This introduction turned into more than an hour long conversation (when Amanda recognized me from our #MomBizMondays chats), and even an opportunity to meet #mombizondays host Lara Galloway (Mom Biz Coach)

BlogHer12: Taking (safe) risks in NYC

This month I had the great pleasure of heading off to BlogHer12 in NYC to spend 3 FABULOUS days (Aug 2-4) with over 5000 other (primarily) female bloggers meeting fantastic brands who understand the value of this group, learning together in great sessions and panels, and networking our hearts out at the many official and private parties. The whole experience was rather mindblowing and paradigm shifting experience. In anticipation of this amazing and over whelming experience in a city I've always wanted to visit, I arrived a day early and left two days late to be able to decompress a little and see the city. Unfortunately I did not plan as well as I might have liked. I arrived, checked into my hotel, hung my clothes, prepared to go sightseeing, and then I froze! Wait! I'm in a crazy big city, where I know absolutely no one, and I'm just going to randomly wander around?

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that that is not me. In many ways I am a play it safe girl (especially when it comes to personal safety and getting myself lost in a strange city). I am also not the type to randomly speak to complete strangers who I have no interaction with, but, I decided to reach out. I took the chance and hoped over to the #blogher12 twitter stream and found another attendee who was also hesitant to head out on her own but starving. We met up and went out to lunch together and it was fantastic! The next brave step, I wanted to tour the town...I decided to start by venturing across the road to the actual conference venue where I had the good fortune to cross paths with Liz from Yes/No Films and her friends in the lobby. Jenn, like me, had no plans for the evening and willingly obliged my desire to see the city hoping on the double decker night bus tour with me. Here are a few snaps from our tour!

What Blogher12 Meant to Me (in photos)

Just finally arrived home after a 24 hour flight delay in NYC and can't wait to fill you in on all the excitement from the last week at BlogHer12 but first...unpacking, grocery shopping, snuggles with my girl and sleep (lots and lots of sleep!) Until I can put together a full post enjoy these image which represents one of the most important things I did during blogher - met with friends new and known to learn from each other!

At the Roomkey Party at the Rooftop Ava Lounge during BlogHer12




Mompreneur Moments: Prepping the family for going away

Okay the countdown is on and one question that has popped up in some of the online groups has been around getting our kids ready for us to be away. Some have infants, others older children. For some it's the first time leaving their child, for others this is one of many.  

I'm in the later category. This is not my first time away or my longest but my daughter seems to be having a more difficult time with it this time. Hugging constantly, kissing me every 10 mins, touching, following me if I even leave the room. She's not herself so we are planning ahead even more this time. We created a packing list, packed her clothes, and packed mine together. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to improve. We set up ways to communicate anytime (email), a schedule for when I will come back, and some great things to look forward to, but boost in her mood or reactions so this time we started something new.


When I was little, anytime my parents went away I had a photo of them I took with me wherever we were staying. In looking for solutions we have taken this old family tradition and added a new one.

Above are Alyssa's letters & pictures for each day that I'm away. All sealed and packed in my suitcase for me to open each day. Below, my letters to her for each day I'm away. Quick simple notes reminding her of what I'm doing, and that I love her. It's nothing fancy but it gives her a little something from me to open and read with my parents everyday.

What do you do to help your child(ren) cope when you're away?



My Party Plan for Blogher12

With BlogHer12 just days away ( I leave Weds Morning) I am working through my schedule for sessions, official parties, private parties, and sponsors to visit to make it I make it to all the ones most important to me...I've boiled it down to my are the parties I will be doing my best to attend throughout the three days of craziness.  

BTW - there is a blog bling button for everything for blogher but where's the one that says I'll be networking like a bad woman at blogher12? Oh well...I guess these will have to summarize!


Blographer – Thursday August 2nd


California Dreams by Single Edition Media



Blogher12 – Friday August 3rd


Mind Academy: Wine Mixer for Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Bloggers

RoomKey Party

Fall Fashions with Naughty Monkey

Harley Davidson



Blogher12 – Saturday August 4th


Disney Screening: The Odd Life of Timothy Green



BlogHer '12 Fashion Show & Style Spotlight


BlogHer12 Sponsor Love - My Sweet Stella's Journal

As I'm preparing for my Trip to #blogher12 in NYC, I'm starting my packing list. One important item on the new Hand painted Journal from Sweet Stellas!

I love this gorgeous colour combo! And the sculpted flowers are fantastic. Now I'm trying to decide my best use for it. Seminar notes? Notes about contacts (with cards included)? Blog and Idea book?

I can't seem to decide how to use it best - what would you use it for?

BlogHer12: Sponsor Announcement - Mahovlich Personal Training

I'm excited to announce a new BlogHer12 Sponsor... Mahovlich Personal Training might be the new kid on the block but Owner Chad Mahovlich has been in the business for 8 years and now he's taking on one of the biggest challenges of his career...whipping my lazy butt into shape (literally!)

Over the Next 12 weeks Chad and I will be working together to transform my eating habits, fitness routine, and body to give me back more of the health, vitality, and quirky energy that has defined me in the past but escaped me recently.

Check back each month for updated photos, measurements, progress reports, tips, and recipes to help you get yourself in the best possible shape!

In the mean time learn a little more about Chad and Mahovlich Training by connecting online

Website: Facebook: Phone: (519) 520-0348 Email: