Why I'm Building a Blog That is True to Me (part of the "What #BelleLive Taught Me" blog tour)


Last Month I had the pleasure of being (virtually) attending yet another AMAZING CreativeLive course.


In this course we did not talk about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, or photoshop. Instead, with the help of April Bowles Olin of Blacksburg Belle, we dove head first into our blogs and everything related. (Check out the #BelleLive course 'Build a Successful Creative Blog' on Creative Live right here** - I promise it's worth it!)


Why did I join this course?


I admit, when I first saw April's course on the course calendar, I wasn't interested. I mean, I know how to blog right? And I've never heard of this April chick so, what's the big deal? Then one of my online partners-in-crime, the fabulous Amanda Sue (find her over at http://www.amandasuehowell.com/), started telling me how excited she was. Amanda was a longtime follower of April's whereas I was a dedicated CreativeLive fan (boarding on on Obsessively addicted, but the good kind of obsessively addicted of course). For me, Amanda's endorsement was enough for me to decide to do some online stalking research on this April lady.


Once I started reading April's blog I fell down the rabbit hole. I knew that a) April knew what she was doing, b) I could learn alot to make my blog SOOO much better for all of you, and c) this chick was cool! I mean just start poking around and you'll discover April in a tutu, April playing with a ginormous red balloon, and our mutual love for all things Gilmore! (Don't believe I love Gilmore Girls? Go Read 30 things you never really needed to know about me. No seriously, I'll wait....)


So needless to say after the necessary research I decided I had a lot to learn so I signed up to attend free. I think it took me all of 15mins once I started to watch the livestream to be a little overwhelmed with all the info (and the insane resources April was providing in the workbook for anyone who signed up, and the resource package for those who bought the course). I knew I needed the info so I went over and clicked that buy button. Now safe in the knowledge that I could sit back and enjoy the first time through, and make insane notes that made no sense to anyone but me later, I was good to go!


Since the course ended, I've been taking the time to sit down and work through the videos and workbooks in more manageable chunks. There is so much to learn that I know I will be coming back to this course again and again, but for now, I have to move forward with something April taught me...



So, What Did April Teach Me?

Where to begin...

Know Your Ideal Reader (inside and out)


Remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!)


It's About Quality NOT Quantity


Write For One Person


What Changes Can you Expect at Rebecca Nash Photography?



For one thing, it's time to get back to where I started and where my heart has always been  - Weddings!


I have always been excited (to the point of insanity from my fiance's point of view) about everything to do with weddings. I love hearing a couples stories, following them through the planning process, being part of their day, getting to capture all the details that makes their wedding uniquely theirs, and sharing the moments of their day in art when it's all over.


At the same time, I'm almost obsessive over rings, dresses, decor, invitations, cakes, and more! (Just check out my pinterest boards and you'll see what I mean)


So needless to say you're going to see more real weddings, more stories revisited, more ideas & detail I love, and more of my inspiration for wedding photography showing up on the blog very soon.


You're also going to see more of me.


For the last few years of blogging I've been so concerned with getting posts up and trying to look as professional and proper as possible that so many of my posts have lacked personality. They've lacked heart. They've lacked me!


Thanks to April, I've found my voice again and you'll hear alot more of it in every post from now on!


Behind the Scenes


Whether it's creating new art, redecorating the office, working with clients, or checking out new training. I'm not afraid to pull back the curtain and show you a little more of what's happening at Rebecca Nash Photography every day.


So Here We Go...

A huge, huge, humungous, ginormous thank you goes out to April Bowles Olin and CreativeLive** for bringing us #BelleLive. Thanks to you, I'm excited to blog again and actually have some idea what the heck I'm doing! Thank you both also for supporting this little blog tour sharing all the knowledge we've acquired. You Rock!

Also, much love to my fellow bloggers who have watched the course, are participating in this blog tour, and have been connecting in the Facebook Group. The love, support, and knowledge sharing is amazing! I can't wait to celebrate personal successes for each and every one of you!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography





**course links include an affiliate link. I'm completely addicted to CreativeLive for professional development and the affiliate program helps to fund said addiction. **

Rebecca Nash is the Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind London, Ontario's wedding photography company Rebecca Nash Photography. Her passion is helping London, Ontario couples create art that captures the little moments, the details, and the emotions of their own unique wedding celebration in a way that allows them to relive those joyous moments everytime they look at them. Rebecca also takes joy in sharing her personal perspective of the world through works of art such as the touring exhibition 'Windows on the War of 1812' and the wall art pieces found in her Etsy Store. Find out more about Rebecca by visiting the about section!