New Service: Bridal Sessions

It's a new year and I'm thrilled to introduce a new service to all the fantastic brides out there.

What is this new service? It's called a Bridal Session.

Is it really that new? No

Is it something you should consider to compliment your wedding photography? Yes!

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Picture this. You've found your groom, the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You've found your dress, the one that makes you feel like a bride, that you can't wait to wear down the aisle and say I do.

You've found your photographer and can't wait to hang beautiful wedding artwork on the walls of your home.

You've found this great location that would be a dream come true to have your photographs taken there. Then reality hits...the ceremony is at 3, the reception starts at 5, you have all those family photos to do, and the perfect location for your bridal creative portraits is an hour away.

Should that mean your dreams of being photographed at that beautiful location should go out the window? No way!

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Enter the bridal portrait session.

A bridal portrait session allows you to choose another day (before or after your wedding) when timelines aren't rushed, the family isn't all around you, and any of the craziness of the wedding day is far from your mind to get ready and visit those dream locations to get those stunning additional creative portraits in all of your wedding day best.

Don't you deserve the best artwork from your wedding artwork? Create the family heirloom you can't wait to display and share with artwork on your walls (or in your album) with the memories you'll always cherish!

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