Jillian Michaels "Maximize Your Life" Recap

I had the great pleasure this last Friday, of attending Jillian Michaels "Maxmize Your Life" here in London, Ontario at Budwiser Gardens.  

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Was this planned way ahead? No Way!

Did I want to go? Heck Ya!

So how did I get lucky? A friend won two tickets and couldn't get a sitter so she took me instead of her husband!


Rebecca Nash & Debbie Watson at Jillian Michaels "Maximize Your Life" Tour - London, Ontario


Now as soon as I started posting that I was going to be attending, people started asking me to share what I learnt so here we go...


When it comes to Food Labels...Read the ingredients list. The top item has the highest content in the food but, while the top 5 ingredients are the most important, keep reading. You're likely to find multiple different types of sugars listed. Why? The powers that be have allowed different names for sugar (alot less of them in Canada compared to US) but if you added up all the different types of sugars in your food that majority of those foods would have a first ingredient of sugar? Scary thought!


If there's an ingredient you can't pronounce or sounds like it came from chemistry class - don't eat it! It's not real food (exceptions exist such as Quinoa, Kefir, etc...I can't pronounce them right half the time either).


Turn on your BULLCRAP meter...If it sounds too good, It probably is! Learn to see the bullcrap!


"If you have the why, you can tolerate any how!"

Remember this when you build your goals. Make them specific and tie them to the emotion you know it will make you feel. If you can do this, then no matter what sacrifice it takes, you can achieve it!


Be Present in the Now.

Homework - For one week, set an alarm that goes off once and hour on the hour for every waking hour. When that alarm goes off take a moment to stop and ask yourself: 1) What am I doing? 2) How do I feel about it?

Keep track and focus on the things that make you feel fabulous - How do you get more of this?


"Can't be fearless, but you can be without regret"

Just think about that one for a moment.


Considering taking a risk but scared? Look at it like this and learn from it...

1) What's the worse case scenario?

2) What Then?

3) Will it kill you?

4) How is it different from where you are now?

5) What do you have to lose?

6) What if it works?


"Only Hurt People, Hurt People"


So her big question was...."Can you do it? Yes! But will you?"


I would love to hear whether this gave you a moment's pause or an AHA moment....Comment Below please!




Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography


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