A New Chapter for London Realtor Kelley McIntyre

A New Chapter for London Realtor Kelley McIntyre

Earlier this season, I got to spend the day with the fabulous Kelley McIntyre getting her all glammed up and visiting a few of her homes and clients throughout London. The goal of our session - to showcase a little more of who she is and what she does because this girl is so much more than just another pretty face.

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I'm so excited! Spending the day learning from Zach & Jody Gray

Ok, if you know me at all you already know two things... 1) I love to keep learning...about photography, about business, about lighting, about marketing, about art...

2) I love Zach & Jody Gray! This dynamic duo have taught me so much about photography and business, have inspired alot of things in my business, have invested in helping me reach my goals, and even flew up to photograph my wedding day.


And do you know what I will be doing this weekend? I will be spending the day Saturday at Hangloose Studios in Toronto, thanks to Henry's School of Imaging, learning from Zach & Jody in the workshop 'Making Money & Creating Light'. So wait...that's taking one part learning, one part business, one part lighting, and one massive part Zach & Jody. Sounds perfect right?


Let's rewind a little to the first time I met them...


I don't honestly know how I came across Zach & Jody, but I'm so grateful I did. After following their blogs, social media, and teachings on CreativeLive for a little over a year I was completely stoked to find in 2012 they would speaking at the Spring Henry's Camera Exposure Show in Toronto.

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012-3 London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012-4


I knew I had to hear them speak live, and dragged my (now) husband in to listen to them speak (even though he doesn't photograph people if he can avoid it in any way - he likes subjects that don't talk back like tree, mountains, or waterfalls).

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012-2

After their talk I was super excited to get to actually met them. Admittedly my heart raced a little as I approached them to say hello and grab a quick photo. Of course I was one of many people waiting for the opportunity so I said hello, got a photo, and wandered off.

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012

I popped back about 15mins later to find Zach & Jody still there having conversations, answering questions, and just generally being awesome. I stood off to the side watching and listening (such a people watcher) when Jody walked over, stood next to me, put out her hand and was like "Hi, I'm Jody" I shook her hand with a simple "I know, I love you guys!". The real breathtaking moment for me...as we started chatting and I said something about following them online, Jody went "Whoa, wait...Rebecca...like RNashPhoto from twitter?"

OMG, Jody knew who I was. Believe me, I was on a cloud for the rest of the day. (i still get excited remembering this)


Back to the Present...

If you couldn't tell by this totally unplanned rambling...I'm super excited for tomorrow's workshop for the friendship, the learning, the inspiration, and the leap forward in my skills I know will be happening after so I had to share.


Are you going to be there? Let me know below and make sure to say hello (I'll be the crazy lady in the front row with the laptop)



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Rebecca Nash is the Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind London, Ontario's wedding photography company Rebecca Nash Photography. Her passion is helping London, Ontario couples create art that captures the little moments, the details, and the emotions of their own unique London wedding celebration in a way that allows them to relive those joyous moments every time they look at them. London Wedding photographer Rebecca Nash Photography has a dedication to providing experience driven service to each and every couple she works with to enhance their London Wedding Photography.

Inspiration Infusion: CreativeLive

It only seemed appropriate on my birthday to share something close to my heart. So here we go... If you know me well you around know this but if not, I have a confession.

Hello my name is Rebecca, and I have an addiction. I'm addicted to photography, business, and creative webinar based training from some of the world's best on CreativeLive.


I don't know how I discovered them, I honestly don't remember, but dozens of courses later I have a full blown addiction. I own some of the courses, I watched tons more live, and now it's my must see. I get up in the morning I check my facebook, I check my blog reader, and then I hop over to see what's on CreativeLive.


CreativeLive has introduced me to some of my new favourite people & sources of inspiration but also helped me learn from and reconnect with some of my old favourites too.


Meet a few of my favourite instructors...

- Sal Cincotta

- Jasmine Star

- Sue Bryce

- Kelly brown

- Zach & Jody Gray

- April Bowles-Olin

- Kari Chapin

- Lara Jade

- Brooke Shaden

- Tara Gentile

- Susan Stripling

- Lori Nordstrom


Why do I love CreativeLive so much?

  • amazing instructors
  • in depth teaching (most courses are 2-3 days but some are 5 full days or a video a day for 30 days!)
  • extra resources (many instructors provide downloads of their slideshows, notes, worksheets and more!)
  • interactive (you can attend classes online while they are live and ask questions of the instructor and your fellow attendees through the chatroom)


*I am a CreativeLive affiliate and any purchases made through the links above help to fund my education addiction*

Renovation & Renewal in 2013

It's a new year, and at the beginning of the year I knew this was going to be a year of change. One of the biggest things I wanted to change was my body. No this isn't about poor me I'm fat. This is about the way I feel (though losing weight always feels good too).  

Looking back just a few years ago, I felt different. I woke up energized and ready for the day. I felt optimistic, strong, healthy. I drove my friends and co-workers crazy (in the best sort of way) with my tireless energy and optimism. I slept soundly every night.


Now, a few short years later...I have trouble getting out of bed. I feel slugish all day long. I lack the energy and enthusiasm most days that was a cornerstone of who I was. I suffer from frequent headaches and an additional 20 some odd pounds of laziness and junk food around my midsection. I sleep poorly at night.


As I type this I am reminded of just how much of a difference there is. Many things have happened during these years. I met and fell in love with an amazing man who has supported me and my beautiful daughter. I bought my own house, and then sold it to share a home with my boyfriend as a family. I began my own business. So many wonderful things.


However, there is always the downs also...my business did not thrive as quickly as I had hoped. My spouse received a layoff notice. I started part-time work on the side. I stopped working out. I stopped my healthier eating habits. I was hit with health issues. Stress became an even more significant part of both mine and my families daily life.


There are some things I cannot change, but there are many things I can.


This year it's time for renovation and renewal of so many areas of my life including my health (healthy eating & fitness), my business (new focused direction & renewed passion), my home (my sanctuary of family), and my relationships (with my daughter, my spouse, and myself).


Join me as I share my journey in all these areas with both my triumphs and my failures and the realizations I know will come along the way.

Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography







London, Ontario photographer Rebecca Nash is your London wedding, portrait, and fine art Photographer serving London, Ontario and surrounding area through Rebecca Nash Photography. Rebecca Nash prides herself on being one of London's up and coming photography professionals gaining a following in London, Ontario and surrounding area. Rebecca has established herself as an artist through London area and Ontario Juried Art Shows, and her current "Windows on the War of 1812" two person gallery exhibition.