Let's Get Creative!

This week I'm thrilled to be sharing a little about some of my favourite forms of creativity both that I participate in and that inspire me. I’m participating in the Cheeky Visionaries Biziversary & Launch Party! Amanda Sue Howell’s business is turning 5, and she’s celebrating with the launch of 30 Days of Creative Abandon. 30 Days of Creative Abandon is a 30 day course created for makers, who are looking for new ideas to set them free from artist’s block!  

To say that creative activities have always been a part of my life would be an understatement. Growing up a was a singing, dancing, writing, photo taking, imaginative ball of energy.

Now, as an adult, my energy may have mellowed a little but the passion to create is always a part of life.


There is something about seeing something in your minds eye and then working to bring that concept to life and share it with someone else that excites me. Something about the desire to create, that drives me to keep learning. As any creative can tell you, any activity can spark a new idea whether it's a vacation, time spent with family or even something as simple as a new tool or supply (just ask any creative who has visited Michaels Craft Store just because and left with bags of new items and a head full of new ideas).


One thing I will confess - I have always loved drawing. Or, at least the idea of it.

To be honest, it's a skill I never mastered. My drawings still mostly present the same as the average kindergarten student (ok, maybe grade one student on a good day). My paintings are always abstract combinations of colours. What my mind imagines, my hands never seem to be able to create.


But give me a camera, and my heart soars!

In this medium, and only this medium, I can see something in my mind and bring it life in a photograph. Let me tell you - there is no greater feeling then the moment you create the image you have fought to describe or represent. This is my creative bliss!


In my home you'll find many things - from our camera collection to my cabinets and boxes of art supplies.

From painting and sculpting, to drawing and writing...there's nothing I won't try.

There's a sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a project but the truth is, I live for the feeling of peace, the excitement, and the openness to new possibilities I find every time I create.


Why Do You Create? What Do You Create? Tell me about it in the comments below!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Yours Enthusiastically,

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