Katy & Cheryl's Heritage Inspired Wedding

The first time I met Katy at a networking night I was struck by her warmth, her energy, and her enthusiasm. She is a woman passionate about what she does and how she can help business owners like me but the moment I remember most was when she mentioned her engagement. Right away I switched to wedding addict mode - if you tell me you are getting married, you have to tell me EVERYTHING! As Katy told me more about her amazing fiance Cheryl, their wedding plans, and little stories of their journey so far I was struck by her sense of humour and the look of love and excitement that came over her as she thought about Cheryl and the day they would be married. I knew right away, this is my kind of girl and my kind of wedding!


One thing that struck me as I spent more with this beautiful couple is their love. The way they speak to each other, the way they laugh together, but even more so, the way they look at each other. You know when they look at each other that the rest of the world fades away a little. It's an amazing thing to witness!


Their wedding day was no different. They put their heart into making it something unique.

Some of my favourite features include:

Family Traditions - Katy's family hails from Scotland and she fittingly walked down the aisle to the sound of bag pipes while Cheryl's family comes from Japan which was honoured both in the outfits of the couple but also in their decor of 1000 paper cranes which the couple had folded together.

Personality - As they said their vows Cheryl promised to always be Katy's logical Leonard while Katy promised to always be the Penny to her Leonard. (And guess who adorned their wedding cake? That's right, a certain Big Bang Theory couple.) With smiles on everyones faces, their attendants walk down the aisle to the theme from Jurassic Park.

Pride - Not only did they fold those 1000 paper cranes but they feature a rainbow of them in place settings, centerpieces, and, my person favourite, arranged to create amazing gay pride rainbows in their arbor for the ceremony and hanging from the railings of their reception. Just gorgeous!

These fabulous ladies brought in elements of their family traditions, personalities, favouite movies/shows, and even a touch of gay pride to create a wedding day that was truly unique!


Now, it gives me great pride to introduce to you my friends Mrs & Mrs Cheryl & Katy Takaoka to share a little more about their love story!


Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6377273

Tell us How you first met? Who What when where why? Give us the dirty details. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Ray (one of Cheryl's attendants). A group of us met up for dinner one night at Joe Kool's and Cheryl and I hit it off right away. After dinner, Cheryl had a birthday party to go to but invited the rest of us to come with her, as it was at a nearby club.

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6051273

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6077273

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?, etc. I knew pretty much right away that Cheryl was someone really special. We have a fairly decent age gap (14 years) and it didn't bother me but Cheryl wasn't so sure at first. I managed to win her over with my amazing good looks and British wit. ;)

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Tell us the one thing you love most about each other. Cheryl is incredibly selfless giving. She will do almost anything for the people she cares about, without expecting a thing in return. I love how kind she is.

Cheryl loves my smile and my ability to help her see the forest for the trees when life gets a bit overwhelming for her. Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planing?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?) It was totally NOT romantic, but totally us. :) We'd been talking about the possibility of getting married for a while, but never really decided one way or the other. One afternoon I was skyping with my cousin in Sweden who was getting married that summer and she asked me if we were going to get married. "Someday, eventually," I told her. When we finished our skype chat, I went into the other room to fill Cheryl in on the conversation and I said, "You know, we keep talking about getting married. We should just do it." And Cheryl replied, "Okay." I totally wasn't expecting her to actually say that!! I had to get her to repeat herself! Just then, my phone rang and it was a client who I had been playing phone tag with for a couple days, so I went into my office to take the call. After the call ended I started doing some work and Cheryl called out asking if I was done. I yelled back, "Yeah, what do you want?" LOL! I went back into the other room and she said, "We didn't do this properly." I asked her to clarify. She said we didn't get engaged properly! So I said, "Okay fine, will you marry me?" And she, of course, said yes. :) Then she said something about not having rings. I told her I had a ring that I could give her -- my deceased mother's engagement ring -- but I wasn't sure if she would like it. I showed it to her and she loved it. A couple weeks later we went to get me a ring that complemented my mother's (now Cheryl's).

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Besides getting married --‐ what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day? I am looking forward to seeing friends and family. I am not from the London area and my family lives all across Canada and Europe so I rarely see them. My childhood friend from primary school in Scotland is also attending and I am so touched that she is able to make it... I haven't seen her since 2007, the last time I visited Scotland. Cheryl is also excited to visit with her friends and family. Her family is scattered across SW Ontario, Quebec, and more recently BC and Rhode Island.

What inspired your décor or theme? Cheryl is third-generation Japanese-Canadian ('sansei' in Japanese). In Japanese culture there is a tradition called "Senbazuru" which is the folding of 1000 paper cranes. The crane is a symbol of happiness and luck, and 1000 cranes are often folded for weddings. We have folded 1000 cranes and have incorporated them into our decor, in all colours of the Pride Flag. I was born in the UK and have lived in England and Scotland. We are having a bagpiper play some traditional songs during the ceremony, including a song about the area of Scotland I lived in. British brides also carry a horseshoe for good luck, so one of my attendants is lending me a horseshoe charm to wear -- which doubles as my "something borrowed." :)

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Photography | Rebecca Nash Photography Ceremony & Reception Venue | The Windermere Manor Bouquet | made by Katy, out of origami Caterer | Windermere Manor Cake Bakery | Chrissy B's Cakes & Catering Dress Designer | Cheryl's sister, Bev Takaoka DJ or Band | Music Central Hair: Wright Hair & Co

Makeup | Katy: Deanna Ronson  / Cheryl: Phyllis Adams

Fascinators | Indigo Daisy Weddings

Bagpiper: Jo-Ann McIntyre-Gladu



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