Family Portraits with Jeff, Heidi and the girls!

Family is important to many of the people I have the privileged of photographing and the same is true of today's featured family.  

Heidi & Jeff have 3 daughters Hunter, Abby, & Olivia. This family shares many things but primarily a love of the outdoors and the game of soccer.

I spent a great evening out in Kawanis Park here in London, Ontario getting to know them all better, seeing their personalities shine through, and watching them enjoy some time kicking the ball around as the sun faded from the sky.


As in any family, there's always one or more people that have a little trouble keeping a real smile going for a shoot. My solution? Laughter...The more they laugh, the more they relax and the genuine smiles shine through.


And as always, the kids must play! No matter the style of portrait, no matter the location, there must always be an element of fun!