My New Mantra (inspired by a fairytale movie no less) - Motivation Monday

I have always believed that words have power and turned to words as a source of strength, inspiration, and so much more. For many years I have gathered quotes, proverbs, and books upon books. As Elizabeth Gilbert said in Eat Pray Love "Maybe You are a Woman in search of a Word"...and I was.

Through all my life I will continue to be a reader (ok devourer of books and knowledge) and a lifelong student of all the world can teach me but, as I sat on my couch Friday evening watching Cinderella (the 2015 live version because who doesn't love 1) a classic love story, 2) a story of overcoming struggle to become something more, and 3) amazing dresses that make you want to live in a time and fancy balls just so you could twirl around in a dress like that) I realized that in my search for words in my business, for my website, to guide my life, and to become a simple mantra that keeps me centered in what matters most...I like to over complicate things.

In the movie, (spoiler alert if you haven't seen it) Ella's mother lays on a fainting couch of sorts dying and asks her daughter to always remember one thing. She makes her promise to "Have Courage and Be Kind"

How beautiful is that? Have courage and be kind. Now there is a Mantra for life if I ever heard one. It's simple and true.

If I can move forward with the courage to try new things, to make mistakes, to be who I really am...what can stop me? But courage must also be tempered with kindness. Moving through life, I don't want to be held back by the fear of getting it wrong, of looking silly, of making a mistake, of what people might say...but I also want to be kind to those around me, to offer my help wherever I can.

So from today forward my Mantra for life will be...


Have Courage & Be Kind - Ella's Mother (Cinderella, 2015)


Do you have a Mantra or saying that has always guided you or that helps you in times when you are unsure? I would love to hear about it - share it with us below!