Jess & Kevin's Beach Engagement


Last week I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday Night with two AMAZING people.


Are you likely to see them on the news or watch people clamor to take a selfie with them? Maybe not, but to me they are heros. Why?


To see the woman Jessica is, how she has pushed through every obstacle and health struggle that has been placed in her path but only came out stronger, kinder and more loving. To see the way Kevin looks at Jessica with love...a lovethat has seen her struggle and stood by her side from a man that stands by her side ready to carry her when she's not sure she can take another step, to put her feet back on her path, who is ready not to walk ahead or trail behind but always be the man standing beside her facing life's struggles and celebrating life's beauty together every step of the way.


Before I get too carried away and I lose sight of my screen for the tears of love and joy for these two (yep- I am that sappy/emotional) I want to hand it over to Jessica & Kevin to tell you a little bit more about who they are.





In their words...


How long have you known each other? 2 years


How did you meet?

We met online! It's embarrassing, but becoming the norm for meeting people. Our first meeting was magical! When did you know your fiance was 'the one'? (both answer please) We both knew on our first meeting that there was something very special between us. We had a magical first date which included a beautiful drive, a walk on the beach, dinner and fireworks on the beach. After that first date, we were inseparable. Soulmates. We would ready to get married that first week together.


What is your favourite thing about your fiance? My favourite thing about Kevin is his kind and gentle spirit; he is very sweet and caring. - Jess

My favourite thing about Jessica is her empathetic ways. - Kevin


What do you love to do together? We love to sit at home together and watch movies or binge on a good TV series. We also love our family time. When we have both our children (Aiden and Jillian) at the house, we enjoy spending time at the park. We are very low key!


Is there anything else you'd like to share? We both feel complete and have feelings of wholeness as a family since finding each other. We are truly blessed. Not everyone finds their soulmate, their other half! The one who understands them on that other level!






[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


Be sure to come back and join me in October to see more details from their wedding wedding day!


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Katy & Cheryl's London Garden Engagement Session

What better way to get to know a couple, then to hear about them in their own words. So, without further a do...a few words from Katy & Cheryl. London Same Sex Engagement - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (1 of 11)



5 1/2 yrs
  London Same Sex Engagement - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (8 of 11)

A mutual friend. Katy is convinced it was a set up. He's a member of our wedding party and a colleague of mine from work.


Pretty much the first day we met (and that IS both our answers).
London Same Sex Engagement - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (4 of 11)

Cheryl - my girl's smile.
Katy - her kind heart and soul and laugh.

Gardening, walking, travelling, watching tv (Big Bang Theory), nights out including a nice meal and generally just hanging around each other.
London Same Sex Engagement - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (6 of 11)
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
We have our moments, ones we like to call 'A day in the life of Katy and Cheryl.' Katy is somewhat hard of hearing and sometimes misinterprets what she hears. One of our favourites is the day we were chatting and I read a status from a friend's Facebook page, saying "My friend Lynn just got her diver's license! " (Lynn lives on a boat) Katy - "Huh, how does that make any sense?" Cheryl - "What do you mean?" Katy - "Your friend got a gremlin?" Cheryl - "No, I said, my friend Lynn got her diver's license." Katy - "Oh, I wondered about that, I mean gremlins aren't supposed to get wet..." Sigh. This explains us.
London Same Sex Engagement - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (11 of 11)
A huge thank you goes to Katy & Cheryl for taking the time to share a little bit about their love story with us today.
I am so insanely excited to work with these fantastic ladies on their beautiful August 2015 wedding day!
Yours Enthusiastically,
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Family Portraits with Jeff, Heidi and the girls!

Family is important to many of the people I have the privileged of photographing and the same is true of today's featured family.  

Heidi & Jeff have 3 daughters Hunter, Abby, & Olivia. This family shares many things but primarily a love of the outdoors and the game of soccer.

I spent a great evening out in Kawanis Park here in London, Ontario getting to know them all better, seeing their personalities shine through, and watching them enjoy some time kicking the ball around as the sun faded from the sky.


As in any family, there's always one or more people that have a little trouble keeping a real smile going for a shoot. My solution? Laughter...The more they laugh, the more they relax and the genuine smiles shine through.


And as always, the kids must play! No matter the style of portrait, no matter the location, there must always be an element of fun!