Wedding Wednesday with Guest Erin Bouchard of Once Upon a Time Weddings

  Today on the Blog I'm pleased to have my friend, colleague, and all around wedding expert Erin Bouchard, Owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings in Strathroy.  Without further ado I'm turning it over to Erin!


So we’ve survived the magical time of the year - for many women it’s made even more magical with a new shiny ring. If you’ve recently got engaged it can be an exciting time of your life. Embrace the happiness, joy and excitement! But you might have a few questions about what to do next or first and what to expect as you prepare for your big day. If this is you, then read on. If you hope that this will be you soon, then read on as well.


That’s where Once Upon A Time Weddings comes in. Once Upon A Time Weddings is a full service bridal boutique located in downtown Strathroy whose mission is to help educate and prepare brides for their big walk down the aisle.


When you first get engaged - you get bombarded with questions and inquiries about when the wedding will be and where it will be. There are some really big decisions to be made as the excitement wears down and the champagne is put away. So grab your fiance and prepare for fun, tears, showers, inappropriate gifts from Grandma and joy as you prepare to start your married life.


The first thing you need to start as a “soon to be Mrs.”, is to sit down with your fiance, your parents, and your fiance’s parents and determine your wedding budget. You can do this in a fun, informal way. It’s a great way for your parents to spend some time with your future in-laws as well. The goal of this get together is to figure out who is contributing what to the wedding and how much you have to spend. Then determine what you have to spend for each category of the wedding. It’s hard to start shopping and picking a venue until you know what you can spend. Then try your best to stick to your budget, but remember to allow for some over spending in some areas.


Once you have a budget set for the big day, you need to start venue shopping. Booking and determining a venue is the one way to solidify your date. Scope out many venues and schedule some meetings with banquet managers once you’ve determined a venue can meet your needs. Once you’ve got your venue booked, you will also have an idea of the formality of your wedding and can begin to think colors, number of guests, and booking other wedding services like photography, DJ, catering, officiant and so on. Start booking these services as soon as you can. It will feel good to get things checked off and the more you can do sooner than later, the more you will feel you’re accomplishing.


At this point, it’s also time to start my favourite part of the wedding planning (but, hey I might be a bit biased). The wedding gown shopping! Start to think about the styles that think you would like - but remember that gowns will look different on your body than they do on the model online. Allow yourself enough time to have lots of options for your big day. Wedding gowns can take up to 8 or 9 months to order in. Don’t take a lot of people with you to your appointment - your mom and one or two other friends is the best bet. You can always have your other bridesmaids come to a wedding gown reveal party after the decision has been made. You might feel like you should include everyone but remember the more people you bring, the more opinions you will have, so bring those whose opinions will actually influence your decision.


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