On Etsy: Photographic Greeting Cards

Earlier this month I launched a new line of products at the summer markets and in my Etsy Fine Art Shop. The product? Blank Fine Art Note or Greeting Cards featuring 5 different images from the collection! I'm thrilled to say these products have had a hugely positive response right out of the gate.

Today I'm here to share a little more about this new line and why it's been introduced!

Products-GreetingCardsRebecca Nash Photography July2014_1

Where did the idea come from?

To be honest the idea came from you. From the people who visit my blog, my shop, and even more so those who visit me at the markets.


Why did I create them?

The markets have become a place where I can get great feedback on my current work, what you would like to see in the future, and ideas for expanding the lines. It was at one of these markets that I was asked about greeting cards. When I referred the lovely lady to my notecard collections she expressed a need for single blank greeting cards where she could support local when she had birthday cards, get well cards, anniversary cards and even sympathy cards to send.

The more I thought about it, the more it just seemed to make sense.

I am a photographic artist, but I am also a lover of the written word. I love books, writing hand written notes and receiving something in the mail (other than bills). In the digital age, isn't it still something special to recieve a beautiful card with a thoughtfully written note from friends, family, or co-workers?

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What to expect?

Each card features a single image on the front and a blank interior. They are printed on beautiful stock with a smooth finish to make for an easy to write on surface (I love a textured fine art paper for my prints but when it comes to writing, smooth is best). Each individual card comes packaged in a protective plastic sleeve with an envelope (and a business card so you can let me know what you think).

Products-GreetingCardsRebecca Nash Photography July2014_3

But what do they cost?

Just $5.00! That's right, just $5.00 CDN gets you one of these beautiful cards. That's less than going to Hallmark, or even the pharmacy! Plus, you get the artwork of a local artist and have supported arts in the community.


Products-GreetingCardsRebecca Nash Photography July2014_2

So where do I find them?

You can find me in person at the Masonville Farmers Market Every Friday in August or hop over to the Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/rebeccanashphoto to check out these cards and more fine art prints from Rebecca Nash Photography. *Keep an eye for new images on cards coming later this month!

Products-GreetingCardsRebecca Nash Photography July2014

London Ontario Wedding Photographer






Rebecca Nash is the Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind London, Ontario's wedding photography company Rebecca Nash Photography. Her passion is helping London, Ontario couples create art that captures the little moments, the details, and the emotions of their own unique wedding celebration in a way that allows them to relive those joyous moments every time they look at them. Rebecca also takes joy in sharing her personal perspective of the world through works of art such as the touring exhibition 'Windows on the War of 1812' and the art pieces big and small found in her Etsy Store. Find out more about Rebecca by visiting the about section!

Yes that's right, I was scared! I still am.

It's scary! I guess putting yourself out there always is but unlike my wedding photography where people hired me to create emotional photographic art of their wedding day, with my fine art photographs I'm putting out there my own view on the world, my own ideas on beauty, and my own personal style. Talk about frightening!  

At every step of the way I was bombarded with the familiar questions:

  • What if no one likes it?
  • What if they say mean things?
  • What if they don't see any value?
  • What if my own image of myself as an artist is shattered?
  • What if I'm just wasting time and money on creating my art?

but I forged ahead anyways!


First, I started learning more about Etsy and reopened my shop. (www.etsy.com/shop/rebeccanashphoto)

Slowly but surely I added new pieces. I updated policies. I created descriptions that actually shared something.

Then the even more terrifying part...I needed to promote it.

When I was building the shop it was easy to say 'of course I have no traffic or sales, I haven't told anyone about it yet' but what would happen when I did put it out there?

Slowly I started sharing. Views went up, then a few favourites started popping up, then my first sale, and even a few treasury inclusions.


Deep breath, okay, people don't hate it. Some of them even seem to like my work. What now?

This month I took another scary step...I signed up for a booth at the Ogilvies Food & Artisan Market to sell my work in person to people. Admittedly, I convinced my fiance Ross of Ross Emerson Photography to join me in this endeavor of selling at the market.

On June 28th & 29th we set up our first booth. Traffic was steady and people were interested to see who we were and what we had to offer. We even had our first print sale!

On July 5th & 6th there I was at the market again. This time without Ross at my side but feeling much more confident.

Now I'm excited to announce that the art from Rebecca Nash Photography & Ross Emerson Photography will be available here in London more often!

Come check out our art in person and share your favourites.


So far, You can find us...

  • Friday July 11th at the Masonville Farmers Market 8am-2pm
  • Saturday July 12th & Sunday July 13th at Olgivies Food & Artisan Market 9am-4pm
  • Friday July 18th (My Birthday) at the Masonville Farmers Market 8am-2pm
  • Friday July 25th at the Masonville Farmers Market 8am-2pm
  • Saturday July 26th & Sunday July 27th at Olgivies Food & Artisan Market 9am-4pm
  • Saturday August 9th & Sunday August 10th at Olgivies Food & Artisan Market 9am-4pm

...but watch for more dates and locations!


Joining from outside London or can't make it to the market? Be sure to stop by the Etsy Shop at www.etsy.com/shop/rebeccanashphoto and take advantage of coupon code "SUMMERSUNSHINE" for 20% off your order (before tax & shipping)

It's back! The Etsy shop returns with new art and support for a great cause!

Over a year ago, I bid goodbye to the Rebecca Nash Photography Etsy store and created a store located here on the site.  

In retrospect, this was unnecessarily challenging both for setting up and customs to use. So, after some feedback and thought, the Rebecca Nash Photography Etsy store is back!


What will you find on the Rebecca Nash Photography Etsy store? - Exhibition Originals from group & juried art exhibitions, and the traveling exhibition "Windows on the War of 1812" - Limited Edition Prints of some of my favourite images - Exclusive Image Launches that will not be offered anywhere else - Gift Certificates that can be used for artwork or services - Gift items including stationary sets, portfolios, and more (Coming Soon)


As if that wasn't enough excitement, for the months of April & May you get the bonus of purchase beautiful art for your home or office AND support a great cause. How?

All proceeds from sales in Apr & May (after shipping costs) will go directly to supporting the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation through the 2014 Embridge Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Find out more about the ride and why I got involved at www.conquercancer.ca/goto/rebeccanash


Thank you for all your love and support for both the art, plus fundraising for an amazing cause with this challenging ride.


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography




London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash