Wedding Wednesday: Beach Wedding Favors

Beach Favors


As the weather cools many weddings turn to destination weddings on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean. Today I'm sharing a few pieces of beach wedding inspiration.
This first one was one of my favs! How many times have you been to a summer wedding or a destination wedding and as much as you want to be supportive you can hardly concentrate because you're just melting in the heat?  Enter the perfect favor. A Folding fan on every seat! Your guests will love you and it's something completely practical (which most grooms love). Want to personalize it? Get custom paper fans made with your names and the wedding date printed on them. Looking for a less expensive DIY way? Create your own tags with your name, date, or any other information you want your guests to remember.
Tired of basic escort cards? Try this take - it's an escort tag and wedding favor all in one when you tie these labelled tags to starfish. I saw this on pinterest and was instantly in love!
Got a great favor - incorporate your wedding favors into you theme and decor with a great little favor stand like this country store!
What's the best favor you ever recieved at a great beach wedding? Tell me about it in the comments below!