New Colours & Website - Now New Blog Direction

As part of my experience at BlogHer I've realized something...I'm very unfocused. While in many areas of my life and business this portfolio of diverse interests has served me well (and continues to do so), this type of jumping around on the blog isn't fair to you, my loyal readers. It's not until now that I really started to look at it. At many of the sessions I attended people asked up to put up a hand for (or gave tips for) specific categories of blogs. It was through these moments, and meeting new people who immediately asked "What's your blog? What do you write about?", that made me realize maybe it was time for a change.

Everything I've written about has been true to me. It's been something I've written, believed, and has been related to my life as a photography, entrepreneur, artist, photographer, mother, and woman. I realize now, just because it's part of who I am doesn't mean this blog is where it belongs.

Let me take this moment to apologize for the craziness my blog has been - it's not fair to you, and thank you for sticking with my anyways! I promise to work to do better for you. Here are my goals going forward:

1. To be more consistent on my blog with regularly scheduled posts 2. New Topics that relate to what I've heard you say you want to see me write about - Got more ideas? Send them in! I'm always listening 3. Remember that this blog is my business blog, and as much as I love to share my life with you now all my readers, potential clients, current clients, past clients, and their friends and family want to read about my life 4. Create a personal blog - it may not be as consistent as this one but I do want to continue to share a little more of my life but this way, it's your choice whether you want to read that content or not

Please be patient as these changes are implemented and let me know  how I'm doing!