Friday Favourites - Anthropologie & BHLDN

I absolutely love what is happening in Bridal right now. The new trend of bridal seperates allows each bride to create the look that is perfect for her body and style sensibilities.


One brand that is doing this in beautiful style is BHLDN and this week's Friday Favourites features a few of my favourite full gowns and seperates from their shop.


What's your favourite?


Rosalind Gown from BHLDN


Ahasn Skirt from BHLDN


Almira Skirt from BHLDN

Amora Skirt from BHLDN

Ella Body Suit from BHLDN


Friday Favourites

Hey hey! I'm so glad you came to join me for the first ever Friday Favourites post here on Rebecca Nash Photography.


This week I'm excited to share a few favourites that I came across this week or that really hit me this week as something you might love too.


Blacksburg Belle

Okay, I'm just putting this out there. I read a LOT of blogs and email newsletters each week but there is just something about April and her blog Blacksburg Belle that I just adore.


I love the style and colours, her totally down to earth voice, and that she showcases not only her knowledge (if you are in a creative business, there is so much you can learn from here) but also her style and quirky sensibilities.


It didn't take long for me to feel like April was someone amazing to learn from but also to feel like she was a friend. I mean, we have so much in common (like the fact that we both love Gilmore Girls and I just can't wait for the new mini series on Netflix - ekk!)


Check out Blacksburg Belle!


West Elm

So clearly I am super late to the game here.


No I didn't just learn about West Elm, I've heard about it so many times but it wasn't until I completely fell in love with a table from them that Jillian Harris used in a recent episode of Love it or List It Vancover that I finally hoped over to their site and fell in love with a whole lot of stuff.


I wanted to go through and redecorate so much of our home (and finish finding the perfect pieces for the office too) already but between Bouclair's new Atelier line, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and Ikea I'm just itching to redo everything!


This Terrance Console Table is one of my favourite pieces right now (and the one I fell in love with on Love It or List It Vancover)


Renovation & Decor Shows

Who else is addicted?


I feel like it's a right of passage to a certain degree. I remember watching my mom watch these kinds of shows on HGTV even just a few years back and not really given them a second chance. Now a few years and milestones later (like turning 30, getting married and living in a home we own for more than 5 yrs) I'm a addicted to some of these shows and the contractors and stylists behind them. This is a good thing, and a bad.


On the positive side - I have new inspiration and ideas. I have a better sense of both the costs of certain types of renos that I have dreamed of doing as well as what actually adds value.

On the negatives - I totally want to redo the majority of our home and have all these crazy big (and unrealistic for us right now) ideas on how to make our home work better. There has been a whole lot of eye rolling from my husband for sure.


My current favourite shows include...

Love It or List It Vancouver

Property Brothers (and of their shows)

Master of Flip

What are your Friday Favourites? What have you been crushing on this week?

Hop down to the comments below and share your favourites too. Can't wait to see what you are loving this week!

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Introducing Friday Favourites...

Time for a new weekly feature and fun post. (Don't worry, I know it's not Friday but I totally wanted to start this feature this week so I'm introducing it today and the first installment of Friday Favourite will go live tomorrow)


Each Friday I'm excited to start bringing you my Friday Favourites. A collection of 5 (or more) of my favourite things from the week. It could be blogs I've read, photos I've taken, books I read or more! But this isn't all about me. I want you to join in too...hope into the comments each Friday and share with me your thoughts on my picks as well as your Friday favourites. I love learning about what kind of things you are loving right now!


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