Announcing...My engagement

Hello to all my friends out there! I apologize for my absence over the holidays this year. I hope this season has found you blessed with love.

After weeks of trying to contact friends and family to share the news with them personally and taking some time to enjoy this time I'm thrilled to share with you my big news.

On Friday Dec 20th at my favourite restaurant, Garlics of London, my amazing boyfriend of 4.5yrs asked me to marry him!

Was I surprised? Absolutely! Was I thrilled? Absolutely! Was he smart enough to have a photographer on hand for this? Absolutely!

Now, a little over a week later, I'm deep into the wedding planning phase because a) it's so much fun and I'm excited! and b) I return to work this weekend with the London Bridal Expo and it only gets busier from there.

As you might expect, more wedding inspiration and resources will be pouring into the blog as I discover them in my own engagement and wedding planning journey. I hope you find them interesting. Have resources to share? Add them to the comments below or email them to

For now enjoy these snaps from my dear friend Rob Cousins who was there to capture this special moment.

Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography