Style Me Monday: Gift Card Spree!

Every year I'm spoiled by those around me with love, gifts, and the inevitable mini deck of gift cards. While many of these go for things like my Tim's fix (Hot Chocolate & Double Chocolate donuts), I'm often lucky enough to recieve a gift card for some of my favourite clothing stores. This year I'm sharing the great pieces I picked up that fit my style!
First Stop - My Favourite Clothing Store RW & Co.
I went in with one idea of what I wanted, Went into the changeroom with a whole stack of items, and came out with some fabulous items.
There are many items I love there - flowing tops in rich hues, structured jackets that I am obsessed with, and layering options galore! I could have spent a fortune on a whole new wardrobe but I held back...why? #1 I'm in the process of getting healthy (including losing weight) and don't want to be replacing things again in a few weeks to a few months. #2 It's a new year which means new collections of fabulous items are right around the corner! (have you seen their new Pure Femininity collection? See it at
In the end I decided to stick with my two favourite items that fit me now but with a stretch that will allow them to fit me for most of the get healthy - get fit process. The first is a classic black pencil skirt that instead of a zipper features elastic inserts on the side to be able to slip the skirt on and off easily but also gives me great maneuverability when I'm shooting. The second, the beautiful skinny pants you see below. I have long admired the skinny jeans & skinny pants on women all around me while being too nervous to dive in myself, now it's time. I love the bright teal hue! Great to pair with my collection of neutral tops, blazers, & shoes while still adding a little more pizazz.


My other shopping spree is likely my most favourite store in the entire world! What can I say, I'm a reader...I dream of a home with a library like the one the beast gives Belle in Disney's Beauty and the beast. So, when I get gift cards to Chapters, it takes alot of work to choose out books...pick a favourite? "I could no sooner choose a favourite star in the skies" (Drew Barrymore in Ever After)
Some of the gift cards came from my amazing spouse so he put one condition in least one book must be a personal book. Not business, not photography...a personal book that I could read for fun, for my own enjoyment, and for time to myself to forget my worries. Ouch! That changed a few things and made the choices all the more challenging. In the end here's what I chose...

What was your favourite post Christmas purchase?
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