Do You Showcase Your Artwork With Style?

There's no question that I'm passionate about Photography. This is what I do! This is what I love! This is how I celebrate life! Does this sound familiar? You pick out a photographer, you both spend a great deal of time and energy getting the experience just right, and you chose to invest in the artwork you've created together. Then, you take these beautiful pieces of personal photographic art home and it sits in the packaging it came in while you figure out what to do with it.

Here's my solution for you - Custom Framing!

I absolutely love the personality of these beautiful handmade Canadian frames.  

The next time you are celebrating with beautiful photographic art here's what I want to do for you

1) Come into your home (in person or virtually) & help you choose a location to showcase your new artwork

2) Design a wall display that fits your decor & style

3) Help you selecting the most complimentary wardrobe for everyone involved

4) Then, and only then, bring you in studio (or on location) and shoot to fill those frames with the perfect artwork for you and your home


Which of these frames do you love most and where would you put it?

Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography





Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash