Awaiting A Miracle - Maternity Portraits with Jenn & Joe Neely

I still remember both my excitement and, admittedly, confusion when Jenn reached out to me for advice on a picture. Jenn has helped me with so many things in the many years I've had the pleasure of knowing her, but now it was my turn to help.

Then the photo came through....hmmm. Umm, Jenn, What do you need help with I don't understand the image you sent.

Then she asked the telling question "What is it a picture of?

Me "Umm it looks like a bun or bread or something in the oven...


Yes I am that blonde!

I was thrilled to hear that Jenn & Joe were expecting and launched into the typical questions (when are you due? are you excited? are you hoping for a boy or girl? etc)


Now I have a chance to share the beauty of my amazing big sister, her growing belly (a baby girl affectionately known as pumpkin), and the love between Jenn and her Husband Joe.

Check out this video of a few of my favourite shots from an fun morning spent together celebrating this new stage in their lives with maternity portraits.