Jenna & Tom's Fanshawe Engagement Portraits

You know when you meet someone and you just hit it off. This couple was like that. You could feel right from the get go that Jenna & Tom were going to be like that.

This couple is fun loving, enthusiastic about everything they do and have a fabulous sense of humour. I couldn't have been happier to share a beautiful morning with them at Fanshawe Conservation Area here in London capturing their engagement portraits.




It took 3 tries (thanks torrential downpours) to make this this fun loving couples outdoor portrait session happen, but third time certainly is the charm!


A little more about Jenna & Tom in their own words...

We've known each other since Elementary School
How did you meet?

Tom and I grew up a literally a block apart from each other, after Tom moved into the area when he was in grade 6.



Jenna- I think it took us both awhile to decide on FOREVER, our friends and family seemed to notice it before us. After moving to the other side of the world and realizing how we always had our great adventures together, I knew I had to come home and be with him to continue our great adventures.
Tom- When she decided to come home from Australia to be with me.



Tom - 'No day is ever boring'
Jenna- ' The things we do together, and of course being amazingly handy is always a bonus'



Random road trips , renovations/projects. hang out by the water in our great town and spend time with the family! We love to joke around and have a great time!!!
Congratulations to Jenna & Tom on their engagement and what I know will be an amazing wedding!
It's been my honour and my pleasure getting to know you both and I hope we cross paths again very soon.
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