The Art Exchange - Square Foot Show Opening Gala

Friday night was the Opening Reception for the first annual Square Foot Show and Exhibition at the Art Exchange. I was thrilled to be able to share the evening with not only my other half Ross and daughter Alyssa (first time she's come to an opening) but also with my friend and fellow artist Shannon from Sweet Stella's who was also exhibiting. The Art Exchange kicked off the new Juried Art show this year in celebration of 15 years in business and the opening of a second location in Wortley Village. (Find out more about this in the article from The Londoner here)

I included three new pieces in the show this year as seen below. I had a hard time selecting images or even a theme to work from so I selected three unrelated images.


Admittedly, I love this last piece. I had so much fun creating it, and it came together so perfectly without direction, however, I think one of the best parts for me was seeing it hanging on the wall of the Art Exchange...why? Well, the adorable model is none other than Shannon from Sweet Stella's little bear Owen.

It made it really cool to have it hanging, have Shannon at the opening, of Shannon's paintings hanging on the same wall. Yes I'm a mushy geek but it was great!


A Square Foot - What would you create?

If a piece of 12x12 paper or canvas was set out in front of you, what could you do with it?

I heard about this Juried exhibition back in January when I was participating in the Miniature Show at the Art Exchange here in London, Ontario.  For me it was such an interesting idea - I so rarely crop my images square. Most film (though not all) created rectangular images, now with digital cameras, the images automatically come out rectangle but why couldn't they be square? I couldn't see any reason why not.


So I entered the exhibition and created three square images to show. I hope you'll come out and join us! Closer to the date I will reveal my three square images and the stories behind them! Check back soon!