We've moved! Rebecca Nash Photography has a new home

As many clients over the last 6 years can attest, I have always been excited to meet with clients in person as part of the wedding preparation process.  

Sometimes we meet in my home, other times in starbucks, and yet other times in the clients home.


This always comes with a few challenges in making it a great environment, and in being able to showcase all the products any client is interested in.


Enter the new office!


It's not big or fancy, but it doesn't need to be.


The goal of the office is one thing and one thing only... to give Rebecca Nash Photography a space where I can focus everything on giving clients the very best experience possible from the moment they walk in the door. This space is about meeting the needs of each and every one of you whenever you have a need to meet with me.


This week I'm excited to welcome the first couples into this space.


FYI: In order to continue to serve my fabulous brides (and grooms) best, the office will be by appointment only to keep focused on helping each and every couple.


Find us at the new office at

380 Wellington St

6th Floor - Tower B

London, Ontario

Want to stop by for a visit? Give me a call at 226-973-7115 or drop me a line at info@rebeccanashphotography.com to set up a time. I'd love to see you there!