The May Not Live Forever... #mondaymotivation


So many people see a list of things I have accomplished and thing I am strong and brave. They even go so far as so call me superwoman.


Now, I truly believe that each and every woman has a strength and beauty that makes her a Superwoman in her own right, but, I am still working on knowing and loving my own internal Superwoman.


Brave is not a word I would use to describe myself. I am scared of rejection. I am scared of failure. I am scared of my own shadow half of the time. In the past Brave would not have been anywhere on my list of words to describe myself but, it's time for change.


This past year I have stepped out of the shadows and been brave. Brave enough to be noticed and unable to hide when I changed my hair from my natural colour to a bright purple. Brave enough to launch a new line of services I hold close to my heart that I hoped others would love as much. Brave enough to reach out to the media to help share the news of my new portraits and even appearing on live TV. Brave enough to book my own portrait session, flaws and all, to celebrate who I am.


"The Brave May Not Live Forever, But the Cautious Do Not Live At All" - Meg Cabot


How are you being brave today?

Motivation Monday - Unexpected kindness with yourself and others

Unexpected Kindness - Bob Kerrey  

It's that time of year, tomorrow is the big day - Back to School!


Throughout the summer I have been working to make some BIG changes not only in my business but in my life and my habits. For so long I have put my focus on my business, taking care of my family and friends, and helping others in any possible way. I am still passionate about wanting to do this, and more BUT by putting myself last on my priority finally caught up to this past year.


Suddenly I found myself struggling to care for my family, support for my Kindergarten students, or run my business to the fullest.


Over months of work - reading, learning, trying new things - I discovered that while I have always tried to be kind to everyone, there was one person that I never truly extended that kindness and grace to. Myself!


By being kind to myself and giving grace, I can be more of the person I want to be and create change in my life.

I have also realized the power that kindness has. I choose to share a smile with another whenever I can. I choose to believe that everyone around me is doing the best they can in life. I choose to believe in the good in others (and myself).


This year I am focused on...

- keeping my priorities straight

- valuing my own time (and others time too)

- investing in the couples I have the pleasure of meeting and working with (and their marriages)

- focusing on serving my clients and growing my art

- continuing to learn and grow as a business owner, an artist, and a person

- keeping balance between my work, my passion and my home life

- giving back to the community that has supported me (locally, my industry, and you - my amazing online community)


How will you use kindness to create change? Tell me about it below!




Yours Enthusiastically,

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Motivation Monday - 'The First Day of the Rest of your Life'

Firstdayoftherestofyourlife Growing up this was definitely one of the most common phrases out of my Dad's mouth.


Whether on a morning we didn't want to get up or on a day when we just didn't want to do much of anything (or more often than not with me, when I didn't want to start on a project because it wasn't due yet) Dad was always reminding us that "It's the first day of the rest of your life".


I always knew he was right, I mean after all it literally was the first day of the rest of my life right? But...that never particularly motivated me to action as a kid or a teen. I mean, I was young so I had forever to figure things out or get things done. Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of my life again, right?


I won't go so far as to say I'm old but life has taught me a lot of lessons since then. Like it or not, I've grown up, matured and am expected to 'adult' most of the time now. Along with the lessons learned, comes a little bit of wisdom too.


My dad was right, it is the first day of the rest of my life. This is my chance to build my dream sooner so I can enjoy it for longer. This is my chance to appreciate everything I have now, not later because who knows when it will be gone. This is my opportunity to believe in myself, to invest in the people and relationships that mean the most to me.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I'm going to grab it!

I'm going to make sure I say 'I love you' and spend time with the people who mean the most to me. I'm going to take time to appreciate everything I have. I am going to take time to create. I'm going to take steps to get a little closer to being the wife, mother, friend, business owner, photographer, and person I want to be.


It's the first day of the rest of your life, what are you going to do with it?


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London Gold, Navy & White Wedding Inspiration at the Delta London Armouries

It was a gorgeous day and the excitement was palpable as a group of creatives from the London Wedding Professionals gathered at the Delta London Armouries to create a day of inspiration for local London brides in a glamorous ballroom wedding dripping in glitz and stemming from a classic colour palette of navy, gold and white.  

Our number one goal - to show a ballroom wedding can still be fun, modern and unique. With the help of an amazing team of wedding professionals I think we created something beautiful! (Yes, I'm totally in love with this shoot and hope you love it too!)

 London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (4 of 8)

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (7 of 8)

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (5 of 8)



We were thrilled to have this shoot featured in, and on the cover of the Luxury Edition of Hitched Wedding Magazine. Check out some of the featured images below.




Creative Team:

Models - Melissa & Devin

Venue - Delta London Armouries

Dress & Accessories - Once Upon a Time Weddings

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair & Makeup

Florals - Graceful Petals

Cake - Bright Eyes Bakery

Stationary - Quaint Paper Co.

Co-ordination & Styling - Unmistakably You Boutique Wedding Co-ordination

Decor Rentals - Signature Event Rentals & Unmistakably You

Creative Director & Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography


Thank you to the whole creative team for an amazing job. I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for all of us!


Yours Enthusiastically,

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Join us at the London Bridal Expo

Are you newly engaged? Know someone who is? (Or are just awesome and want to stop by and say hello?)


Join Me (Rebecca) and a ton of amazing vendors and London Wedding Professionals at the Winter London Bridal Expo!

This is the one stop that can help the newly engaged get inspired and really kickstart your wedding planning while helping other brides tick off some of the last few things on their to do list.


I'm always excited to be a part of the London Bridal Expo because...

  1. I know I am surrounded with fabulous vendors who have a passion for weddings just like me!
  2. I get to spend my day chatting with fabulous brides about their proposals, their wedding dreams, and so much more
  3. There are always the best people there and the energy & excitement is amazing!
  4. And I always love find and sharing inspiration with other brides and vendors alike.


Are you ready to join us? Good! Here's all the details...


London Bridal Expo

January 9th & 10th

11:00am - 5:00pm

Western Fairgrounds - Agriplex

Tickets Available at the door

I can't wait to see you there!

Yours Enthusiastically,

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Getting into the spirit

It's the most wonderful time of the year! ChristmasDayAlyssa2011RNP_6

I will be very honest, I can not believe it's December 19th already! Not only does the lack of snow outside the windows feel weird but it's been such a busy year that I'm left going wait...where did the fall go?


Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love decorating, baking (shortbread of course), singing Christmas carols and best of all...the time with friends and family to celebrating another fabulous year!


Tonight I decided it was time to get things going with the tree going up (I'm so late, I know) and working with my daughter for the first batch of a family tradition, Shortbread!


Now I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you, the most awesome-est people I know including couples I've already worked with, couples I am excited to work with soon, fellow wedding professionals, and all of our friends and family, to wish you a Happy Holiday Season!


No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season I wish you love and laughter, health and happiness with friends and family now and all throughout the year.


Yours Enthusiastically,

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St Thomas Train Station Engagement Portrait Session

You know when you met a couple, and you can tell right away they have a connection. Maybe they finish each others sentences, maybe they are always together, or maybe, they are just united with each other over their love and they passion for the family they have created. Courtney and Josh are one of these couples!

Today I'm thrilled to share with you a sneak peek of the portraits we created of this fantastic couple and their little guy at the St Thomas Train Station. There's no doubt that while this little guy loves his dad, his 'Coco' is the apple of his eye.

While a picture tells a thousand words, the story of this fantastic couple is better shared in theirs so without further ado, I'm turning it over to Courtney & Josh.


Just slightly over a year

We met through a mutual friend, than again at cowboys one night where I dismissed him because I was having a girls night! So mean, haha, we didn't talk for a few weeks after that until I reached out to him because I realized he could be a great guy and sure enough he is!
London Photographer Rebecca Nash - Courtney & Josh EngagamentApril 11, 2015-102

Courtney- I knew Josh was the one within a few weeks of us dating, I just had this feeling about him that I had never felt before. He made me giddy and excited about life. When we weren't together I missed him terribly, to the point where we started basically living together after a few months of dating. Also a big point when I realized I wanted to marry this man was seeing him with his son, he is a great father.
Josh- There was stages for me, I knew that she was the one not only for me but also my son Xavier, how she chose to love him like her own and deal with all the other logistics of being a step-mother. I love how she stands by me no matter what, that was when I knew I wanted her in my life forever, we had numerous conversations about life and what we wanted out of it but it wasn't until I took a step back and realized she was all I wanted, and I could stop looking, on that day I went and bought her ring and proposed to her.

London Photographer Rebecca Nash - Courtney & Josh EngagamentApril 11, 2015-41

Courtney- Ahh, there is so many things, it is hard to narrow it down to just one. I would have to say my favourite thing about him is how hard he works to make me happy and express his love for me. His eyes are also pretty killer.
Josh- Again, there is so many things I love about her. I can't narrow it down to one, I love her willingness and drive to fight for what she believes is right, it takes so much strength and courage to be a step-mother and go through the things we have together. I also melt when she holds my hand, kisses me, and her laugh is absolutely adorable.
London Photographer Rebecca Nash - Courtney & Josh EngagamentApril 11, 2015-49
What do you love to do together?
Being outside has to be one of our favourite things to do together, just enjoying the sun and the relaxation of the outdoors, that and eating we both love to eat, always trying new things and exciting foods.
London Photographer Rebecca Nash - Courtney & Josh EngagamentApril 11, 2015-117
I can't even begin to express how excited I am to work with this fantastic family for their August 2016 wedding day!
London Ontario Wedding Photographer





Wedding Wednesday: Photography Inspiration

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite ideas for shots I want to take, and I think you should consider some of these for your big day too! **Disclaimer: These Photos are NOT my own work. They are inspiration I have found online and on pinterest that I wanted to share - Please see my pinterest boards at for the pins linking to the image sources**


I love this image set as a great gift for special family members as a collage or a special spread in the parents album.














Sweet and simple but isn't this what the  wedding is all about? Choosing to spend the rest of your life together, declaring your love, and making promises to each other to create a life together. (Yes I'm a total romantic)




















Every bride loves her shoes (or some accessory of their wedding day attire) and this is an amazing way to showcase the romance and the details of the wedding day.













Hope this leaves you feeling inspired - it's definitely inspired me!





London, Ontario photographer Rebecca Nash is your London wedding, portrait, and fine art Photographer serving London, Ontario and surrounding area through Rebecca Nash Photography. Rebecca Nash prides herself on being one of London's up and coming photography professionals gaining a following in London, Ontario and surrounding area. Rebecca has established herself as an artist through London area and Ontario Juried Art Shows, and her current "Windows on the War of 1812" two person gallery exhibition.

Wedding Wednesday: What to do with your dress after the wedding...

Every bride knows that their wedding dress is a big decision that affects many other decisions along the journey of planning your wedding day, but have you decided what to do with the dress when your day is over?  

These days there are a few different options

  1. Let it hang in the closet
  2. Get it cleaned and packed up to preserve it
  3. Donate it to charity
  4. Sell it
  5. Or display it in a loving way like this bride did


I love the way this bride preserved her dress. It was an important part of her day, her memories, and her style so she had her gown custom framed and lit in her walk in closet.

Why don't we do this more? Why wouldn't we want to remember the happiest day of our lives? If it were me, I would love this - Everyday I'd walk into my closet to get dressed and that dress would give me a boost thinking about how amazing the day was, how beautiful I felt, how beautiful I was...That's the mind frame I want to be in (happy and confident) when I'm getting dressed at the beginning of my day.


Would you do this with your dress? Tell me about what you did (or plan to do) with your dress after the big day and why!





London, Ontario photographer Rebecca Nash is your London wedding, portrait, and fine art Photographer serving London, Ontario and surrounding area through Rebecca Nash Photography. Rebecca Nash prides herself on being one of London's up and coming photography professionals gaining a following in London, Ontario and surrounding area. Rebecca has established herself as an artist through London area and Ontario Juried Art Shows, and her current "Windows on the War of 1812" two person gallery exhibition.