A Strong Marriage - #motivationmonday

The last few weeks have been...interesting.  

The have been highs and lows for our family. There have been eye opening discussions, massive amounts of self reflection, and experiences that have changed the way we look at our lives.



Never, in my life or marriage, has this statement rang more true for me or inspired me to prioritize my relationships even more than it does now.

A marriage is about give an take. A marriage is about supporting each other. A marriage is about expressing your needs but also looking past them to see the needs of the other person. A marriage is an investment of time, words, actions, and love that you contribute to every single day for the rest of your life.


I am blessed to be walking this road with an amazing husband at my side. He is strong for me when I feel weak but he let's me the strong one too when he needs it.

Wedding Wednesday: Guest Advice

Planning your wedding day is a big undertaking, but, as my dad would say, it's the first day of the rest of your life!
You've invited your friends and family, they are here to surround you with love and support you on this special day as you make promises to each other for the next stage of your life together - now let them surround you in advice, stories, and support to keep your relationship strong as you move into your life together as husband and wife. Here's a few ideas on how...
1) I have to say I love, love, love these coasters! Scatter them all around your wedding reception for friends and family to fill out through the evening. The quick and easy for anyone to fill out at any point in the evening.
2) Set out a notebook somewhere convenient with a sign asking friends and family to share their stories and advice - Great reading for years to come and a little piece of your family history all in one!
3) Create your own mini notebooks for each table with questions for your guests to answer - ex. favourite place to go out for a romantic dinner, best place for a couples vacation
How do you absorb all the advice your family has to share?


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